3D printers rapidly became an effective educational tool in many schools and universities around the globe. Let us explain you why and how education discount from ZMorph can help in that process.

Applied at an early stage of education, 3D printing not only helps in biology, geography and maths classes but also in developing child’s imagination and growing their desire to seek for new solutions and manufacturing their ideas into reality.

In tertiary education, 3D printers are used for theoretical and practical studies in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) giving the students the benefit of hands-on experience and a way to put their ideas into practice by building their own prototypes for graduation projects.

education discount
ZMorph now offers special educational discount


Schools and universities owning their own 3D printing labs are consequently more attractive for potential students but also for research and industry investors. Graduates with experience in 3D printing are also becoming more desirable on the job market, especially in engineering, product development, and design categories since 3D printing is currently one of the most popular rapid prototyping techniques out there.

In order to meet these expectations, ZMorph prepared a new indefinite education discount for schools, universities, research facilities, students and teachers from all around the globe. All ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer sets, 3D scanners, toolheads, materials, and accessories are now 5% less expensive.



Furthermore, the education discount can be combined with all other promotional offers in ZMorph online store and throughout the chain of our authorized resellers!

To receive the education discount, please contact our Sales Team at sales@zmorph3d.com.


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