Watch our latest video, achieve an outstanding quality of your 3D prints, and learn how to make ABS Slurry. Here’s the 10th edition of Zmorph Digest news round-up!

Brave Astronaut is everybody’s first print on Zmorph 2.0 SX

Inspired by The Verge stating that ZMorph 2.0 SX belongs on a spaceship, we made this easy-to-print astronaut model. It can be quickly fabricated within 90 minutes from unpacking your brand-new multitool machine. You can download this model for free from Designfutures too.

How to achieve outstanding quality in FDM 3D printing

Creating a perfect 3D print is not as easy as one could expect. Spoiled filament, wrong temperature or inaccurate print settings may result in creating a web of melted plastic instead of a beautiful object. Follow the advice from our latest guide to becoming the master of digital fabrication.

Digest news
Two-material 3D printing



Fabbaloo adds their own 3D printing misconceptions

Some time ago we wrote about the most common 3D printing misconceptions. Editor of Fabbaloo decided to expand this list with three more, including an explanation why 3D printing isn’t a fast process. Check out their list and let us know if you’d like to expand it even further.

3D printing misconceptions
There are lots of myths about 3D printing that needs to be debunked

5 ways 3D printing boosts product development

No matter if you’re a DIY maker, designer or engineer in a huge company, 3D printing can be used to boost productivity and product development in many ways. Read our article on how additive manufacturing affects various industries and let us know how it affects you personally.

3D printing boost product development
Source: Ford

ABS Slurry mix recipe from our user

KrisJEC from Designfutures forum posted a very comprehensive recipe for making a thick ABS Slurry that will make sure that your bigger prints stick to the worktable during the long hours of printing. You can also see this for yourself in the video below.

Sneaky chameleon made on ZMorph 2.0 SX

This charming creature was 3D printed by our friends from the Australian The 3D Printer shop. They made it on Zmorph 2.0 SX with a DUAL PRO toolhead. This one can surely hide between some candy canes!

Digest news
Source: The 3D Printer

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