More and more distributors appear on the ZMorph resellers map and 3D Prima is the latest addition. The Swedish group will offer ZMorph VX All-in-One 3D Printers along with a professional service.

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer

About 3D Prima

3D Prima is located in Sweden but is providing a fast delivery within the whole EU. Since 2014 they are offering great and affordable 3D printers. They focus on desktop machines for small companies and private businesses and we couldn’t agree more that ZMorph VX surely falls into that category. 

When looking for potential business partners, we always ask ourselves if the company will be able to deliver competent service and professional tech support. We have no doubts about 3D Prima and their attention to details. 

Here’s what 3D Prima thinks about ZMorph 3D printers:

“We are happy to offer ZMorph in our portfolio and think it is one of the most innovative and exciting printers in recent years. The whole market for 3D printers is taking quantum leaps right now and there are more and more companies that can see the benefits of additive manufacturing and how to incorporate it in their daily use. 3D Prima has always aimed to spearhead this new and exciting technology and together with ZMorph we are looking forward to a long and successful partnership.

We put a high value on personal contact with customers and always helps with questions ahead of purchase. More importantly, we always help you after your purchase. Whether you just have a question or need some tips on what goes best with your printer we will be there.”

Martin Björk, Co-Owner at 3D Prima

ZMorph comments on the deal:

“3D Prima is well known among 3D printers manufacturers and customers. Every producer would love to work with 3D Prima and we are excited that we were able to prove the benefits of having ZMorph VX in their portfolio.

They are known as a very reliable partner in business and a proven technology distributor. We hope that this cooperation will open the doors for ZMorph VX to the demanding market of Scandinavia.”

Marek Kłos, Vice-President and Sales Director at ZMorph

To purchase ZMorph VX All-in-One 3D Printer, visit their official store.

About ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer

ZMorph VX is an all-in-one 3D printer, meaning that it is also capable of CNC milling, and laser cutting and engraving. With almost 50 engineering materials tested, ZMorph VX is one of the most versatile desktop 3D printers yet. 

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