Most 3D Wanted was the first ever competition in which engineering students had to build 3D printed bridge prototypes.

Held at the Gdansk University of Technology, the event gathered participants from various technical schools and universities from Poland. Competing students and their teachers had to familiarize themselves with new technologies and project management skills in order to apply a more practical approach to design and rapid prototyping.

3D printed bridge prototypes
Source: Gdansk University of Technology

Rules to follow

The goal for the participants was to design and digitally fabricate 3D printed bridge prototypes. Their objects had to withstand professional stress tests to prove that a real-life construction could be built based on the idea.

Students had to follow some strict rules in order to get to the final round. Parts for their 3D printed bridge prototypes couldn’t be bigger than 20 x 20 cm. The entire model had to be no longer than 60 cm and 6 cm in width. It was acceptable to glue the parts together as it wouldn’t affect the stress test anyway.

3D printed bridge prototypes
Source: Gdansk University of Technology

Testing the 3D printed bridge prototypes

Nine teams met in May 2016 during the final round held at Gdansk University of Technology, which also organized the entire competition. Students had to manufacture and assemble their designs. They used ZMorph multitool 3D printer and biodegradable PLA BioFila Silk for that.



All 3D printed bridge prototypes were next tested on a professional pressure machine used by construction companies and engineers. The weight to the force of pressure ratio was taken into consideration and compared with real-life standards.

Source: Gdansk University of Technology

PMB team formed by Gdansk University of Technology students Pawel Majchrzak and Marcin Kwiecien won the competition. Their model withstood 1780 N strong force and got the highest ratio score. Congrats!

Winning bridge prototype results:
Total mass of the prototype: 315 g
Max force withstanded during tests: 1780 N
F/m ratio = 5.07

See you next year!

The first edition of Most 3D Wanted (have in mind that in Polish “most” means “bridge”) was a big success and proved that students want to learn about the latest technologies and apply them in their works.

3D printed bridge prototypes
Source: Gdansk University of Technology

The importance of 3D printing in rapid prototyping will only continue to rise and that’s why we’ll continue support initiatives like this one.


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    Hi there, my name is ivan from Mexico, i´m interested on participate on the next 3d printed bridge contest im part of the National Asociation of Civil Engineer Students and we are going to held the first national contest in may 27th of 2018 in the 35th N.A.C.E.S. OLIMPICS, im wondering whether if you want to participe in our competition or if you want us to participate in your competition.

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