At ZMorph everything we do is inspired by our dreams. And the fact that Grzes wants to become a pilot, inspired the team to create this very special project – a 3D printed drone.

“International pop culture is constantly inspiring us to reach the sky and to break the limits. So, after watching movies like “Aviator” and “Pearl Harbor” I’ve decided to be another master of the skies, and start my pilot’s career… somewhere. But in fact, Boeing and McDonnell-Douglas ignored my desperate “please-hire-me-I-can-do everything” – said Grzegorz.

To be honest, it was a challenge for us, because it isn’t just about constructing something. Drone needed to win with all the laws of physics and actually… just fly.

3D Printed Drone 1
Assembly of the 3D printed drone parts

Why 3D Printed Drone?

Because 3D printing capabilities are almost unlimited and now it’s a must-have thing for every gadget lover – it doesn’t matter if you love aerial photography or just want to get a package from Amazon. Unfortunately, flying high can possibly be a very expensive hobby – typical full drone frame, the part that you can make on your own, costs at least 80 US dollars.

If you would like to unleash your creativity and design your own frame or use some open source project, you can save at least 50% of this money – later you can spend it on making your drone more fancy, unique or powerful. 🙂

Top quality in top gun

Saving money is one thing, the other one, why we decided to print this frame, is that the construction needs to be strong and almost unbreakable, in case of some aerial (or ground) accident – because in process of constructing small drone, you need to respect the same rights and challenges as in normal planes.

3D Printed Drone 2
3D printed drone parts ready for electronics

Sky is the limit

There is only one limitation, one thing that you can’t print – it’s engine of the drone and the controller – but since the worldwide community of drone lovers is huge like ZMorph’s population – you can easily find everything you need on any drone website. You can use your creativity to print accessories like lighter propellers (the lighter your copter, the faster and more energy efficient it will be), super durable and flexible landing gear, or a GoPro camera mount.

Do you have any experience with those flying monsters and want to share it with us?

Feel free to leave comments and check out other ZMroph use cases on our website.


Community Manager at ZMorph

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