Questpol is a Polish company that specializes in manufacturing advanced electronic devices. Their portfolio includes test apparatuses, measuring devices, electrical connectors, and more. Since implementing ZMorph VX in their workflow, the job became much easier. 

Piotr Murawski, Chairman of Questpol, and some of his 3D printed models.
Piotr Murawski, Chairman of Questpol sp. z o.o., and some of his 3D printed models.

Recently Questpol is providing ready testing solutions for big companies from automotive and aerospace segment. Their main job is to create tools for imitating real-life environment to test other machines and to prepare various custom electrical apparatuses. Usually it takes half a year to construct a fineal device. ZMorph VX is used to create custom parts, prototype models, and test fixtures. Just one ZMorph machine helps a lot during manufacturing,

3D Printing with ESD Filaments

In electronic industries it’s important to think about electrostatic charges while projecting new devices and tools. That is why sometimes ESD filaments are a necessary solution. With this technology you can safely 3D print models with consistent electrical properties.

ZMorph VX and Voxelizer are tested and prepared to work with ZMorph branded filaments, but you can experiment with other producers as well. That is why Questpol can safely 3D print with ESD ABS filaments from other brands and the results are equally satisfying

ESD filaments are very practical in electronic industry. With this type of material you can eliminate the risk of damaging electronic devices with electrostatic discharge. Something that may happen when using regular filaments.

ESD ABS 3D printed cable holder / connector.

Pictured above: ABS cable holder. 3D printing with ESD filaments is recommended for all electrical devices to minimize the risk of dangerous electrostatic discharges.

Big Prints and High Details

To be honest, 3D printing big models aren’t impressive anymore but models requiring longer printing times still are. The absolute record for Questpol is 47-hour long print and the ZMorph VX delivered without any mistake. Lately the company is using the 3D printer to make models that take most of the printer workspace and one part (of two) prints in 17 hours.

3D printed clamp for fixing pneumatic cylinders in testing apparatuses.

Pictured above: 3D printed clamp. One part 3D prints 17 hours. This clamp is used for fixing pneumatic cylinders in testing apparatuses.

“ZMorph 3D printer surprises not only by a look. It’s a rigid construction that prints precisely even very big objects. In my company it’s irreplaceable.”

Piotr Murawski, Chairman of Questpol sp. z o.o. [Ltd]

On the other hand, Questpol also needs the ZMorph VX for small elements, custom parts, connectors, and whatnot, and the quality is a crucial element. Once again, the machine delivers high-quality prints with repeatable results meaning that workers can trust the outcome every time somebody presses “PLAY”. 

Custom 3D printed cable connectors.

Pictured above: Custom cable connectors 3D printed on ZMorph VX. They can be printed in just a few hours and can be fully customized.

Low Volume Manufacturing

ZMorph helps whenever conventional machines can’t help. As we’ve mentioned before, Questpol is known for producing customized machinery and they usually need to make the parts on their own or outsource from other companies. Smaller plastic parts can be designed in-house and 3D printed in just several hours. 

Therefore ZMorph VX helps a lot during low volume manufacturing at Questpol. Small custom ABS parts, connectors, clamps, you name it – it can all be done on a high-grade 3D printer. 

3D printed ABS cable holders.

Pictured above: Various 3D printed cable holders and connectors. Quality repeatability is the key-factor in making same objects again and again.

Questpol 3D Printed Examples of Test Fixtures

3D printed ABS clamps.
3D printed ABS clamps.
3D printed ABS holder.
3D printed ABS holder.
3D printed connectors.
3D printed connectors.
Custom 3D printed ABS stand for other machinery,
Custom 3D printed ABS stand for other machinery,
3D printed connector.
3D printed connector.

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