These 3D printing YouTube channels will help you expand your knowledge, fuel your imagination and inspire creativity.

3D printing scene is vast and diverse almost like a universe with professional engineers creating spaceship prototypes to home DIY makers designing a cup holders for their cars. The same goes for 3D printing YouTube channels. You can easily find experienced makers who explain how the technology works as well as crazy nerds building their own Iron Man suits in a basement.

3D printing YouTube channels
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It’s now easier to find your favorite channel with our list below. These picks aren’t in any particular order because we love and respect all of these guys!

The Maker’s Muse

Run by Angus, The Maker’s Muse offers a wide range of helpful videos. People starting their adventure with 3D printing should definitely check the 101 series in which Angus explains whether it’s better to print with ABS or PLA, how to choose infill settings, which slicing software to choose from and much more. He also records a lot of vlogs and does live streams in which he answers user questions, recommends various tech, shares his extensive knowledge, and talks about topics like how to make money with a 3D printer. Some of his videos are just fun to watch, like the one from his recent trip to the electronics market in Shenzhen, China.

3D Printing Nerd

Joel is a true 3D Printing Nerd from Seattle. His channel includes unboxing videos, reviews of various 3D printers, tips and tricks on how to print and post-produce your work, and many interesting videos about his own projects. He prints various items from party gadgets to mini nuke flower pots and huge video game gun replicas. In fact, his most popular video so far is a tutorial on how to assemble an awesome 3D printed gun from Destiny video game (with working parts but still a harmless cosplay prop).

3D Printing

Joe is calling himself a 3D printing professor and he really deserves this title. His 3D Printing channel is filled with very informative videos about the technology, its various applications, as well as tips and tricks on how to use it. He also records very interesting lectures (hence the professor) about market trends, things every 3D printer owner should have or cold, hard truths about owning a digital fabrication machine.

Thomas Sanladerer

Thomas Sanladerer specializes in desktop and open-source RepRap-like 3D printers and shows his viewers what is possible with these machines and what’s not. His channel is the place to go when you search for tips about specific materials or comprehensive reviews of various 3D printers. Thomas also records guides for building your own 3D printer from scratch, which are one of the most comprehensive ones out there.

Print That Thing

This is one of the most fun and optimistic from all 3D printing YouTube channels. At Print That Thing Jwall shares his designs and 3D prints requested by his friends and fans. He only needs a few minutes to design a cool gangsta necklace or a fantasy sword in Tinkercad 3D modeling software. But one of his most amazing projects is a set of cat armor that he later expanded with a special helmet, so his cat could stay safe in the urban jungle.

James Bruton – XRobots

The first time we mentioned James Bruton on this blog was in our 7 bizarre 3D printing applications piece to praise his outstanding work in designing real-life, human-sized robots and (almost) working Iron Man costume. Subscribe to his XRobots channel to follow every step of the manufacturing process. From him, you can learn not only about 3D printing but also molding, post-processing, applying working electronics, and much more.

Barnacules Nerdgasm

Before becoming a full-time nerd with hundreds of thousands of viewers, Barnacules worked as a software developer at Microsoft, so he knows a thing or two about programming and technology. No wonder then, that 3D printing is among his main interests on Barnacules Nerdgasm, right after video games of course. He often guest-stars at smaller 3D printing channels and recommends awesome designs he found around the web like he did recently with a Tracer Pistol model inspired by the Overwatch video game.

Simone | FNTSMN

Simone Fontana is a young 3D designer and 3D printing enthusiast from Italy who recently started his own business. On his Simone | FNTSMN YouTube channel he shares his extensive knowledge about the technology as well as shows his awesome projects. Awesome is the right word for literally all of them, like for example his custom 3D printed penny skateboard that was already tested by a few famous skaters. He also makes various stunning guns and video games props which are 3D printed and painted to look like the real deals.

Do you know other 3D printing YouTube channels?

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