Below you’ll find a few simple free woodworking projects. Download the files (they’re free) and practice your CNC skills on Zmorph All-In-One 3D Printer.

Simple Woodworking Projects

You’ve seen these projects on our social media before and since a lot of you asked for the .stl or .dxf files, here they are. Feel free to download them at any time and modify to your needs. Don’t forget to share the results on the official ZMorph Users Facebook group and if you have any problems, check out the wood CNC milling tips & tricks.

Wooden Organizer 

Keep your most personal belongings in one place using this handy wooden organizer. There’s enough space to store a phone, watch, wallet or other stuff neatly on your desk. The organizer consists of three .stl files that can be machined using Voxelizer and ZMorph VX. 

Watch Stand

A practical gadget, especially if you own more than one watch. The design makes it easier to plug in your smartwatch charger. The lower part can be used to store other small belongings.

Sunglasses Stand

Another useful plywood novelty that can stand on your desk. Not only this sunglasses stand is practical but it also can be decorated using Laser PRO toolhead on your ZMorph VX. We’ve used a graphic of a mischievous cat, but you can come up with your ideas (and don’t forget to share it with us). 

Contour Gauge Duplicator

This device will be appreciated by people renovating or redecorating their homes. This project also combines two methods of fabrication available in ZMorph VX. One part is CNC milled, and the indicators are 3D printed.

Bowtie (with Wroclaw Skyline)

Be a shining star at the next party and wear this whimsical bowtie with city skyline. We’ve laser engraved the skyline of Wrocław, but you can use any other image (make sure it fits).

Back Massager

Spending long times in front of the screen? Your back is hurting? Combine the two methods of fabrication of ZMorph VX: CNC milling and 3D printing to create a neat back massager. The hand is made of wood using CNC PRO, and a flex filament using Single Extruder.

Should you need any help with the projects, feel free to contact us via the comment section below. If you’re proud of the outcome, don’t forget to share the CNC woodworking result in our Facebook group.

All projects were CNC milled on ZMorph VX by Wojciech Biesiada from ZMorph.


Content Manager at ZMorph


  1. Kevin Alvar Reply

    I want to do Christian signs
    What are your largest dimensions
    And have you come across any items in this area of design.

    • Hello Kevin, thanks for reaching out! In this article you can find designs created by one of our employees. If you want to find some Christmas decorations it’s best to look for them at pages like Thingiverse, Cults 3D or MyMiniFactory.

      ZMorph VX’s workarea is 250 x 235 x 165 mm (can be a bit smaller for some toolheads). You can find more details here:

  2. james cullen Reply

    Where can I find the project code for the cnc milling of the wooden zmorph tool organizer?

    • Jakub Spiryn Reply

      They are right there in the article, under the photos. Those are DXF and STL files that you still have to run through Voxelizer to prepare a G-code for ZMorph VX. Should you run into any problems, feel free to contact us via the comment section.

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