Using composite materials such as Dibond for advertising purposes has many advantages. Read about them from the article below and learn how to set up your ZMorph VX for CNC machining Dibond.

Dibond, ZMorph CNC PRO Milling Toolhead.
ZMorph CNC PRO Milling Toolhead does a great job CNC machining materials such as Dibond.

What Is Dibond?

Dibond is a brand name for a brushed aluminum composite sheet with a polyethylene core. It’s waterproof, has a high-strength and low-weight ratio, and presents great damage resistance. It’s easy to CNC mill in Dibond with ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer, and you usually just want to carve the aluminum layer to create signs and icons. 

CNC machined Dibond is rigid and lightweight. The sturdiness of this material makes it a good choice for advertising purposes and outdoor informational signs.

Dibond CNC milling.
Sample Dibond signs.

You can find this composite under other brand names, such as Dilite or Raybond.

How to CNC Machine Dibond?

Since this material is composed of an aluminum layer and a black polyethylene core, the most popular way of CNC machining Dibond is to scratch the outer coating. This way, you achieve a fine-looking sign or display. Read more to learn how to use ZMorph VX with Dibond.

Dibond, ZMorph CNC PRO Milling Toolhead.
Dibond is composed of an aluminum layer and polyethylene core.

Voxelizer Settings

If you want to CNC machine Dibond, use the 2D milling option in Voxelizer, and set the milling speed from 1 to 5 mm/s. Check the thickness of the aluminum layer to avoid milling in the Dibond core.

Workpiece Holding

You can safely secure Dibond on the CNC worktable with a double-sided foam tape.

End Mills

We recommend V-shaped single flute end mills for working with Dibond. Some shops offer drills designed especially for this type of material, just look for a Dibond end mill in your local store or online.

Other Settings

Closing the covers of ZMorph VX minimizes the risk of unwanted particles escaping the machine enclosure. Be sure to vacuum the inside after the job is finished.

Dibond CNC milling.
CNC machining Dibond.

Dibond Applications

Dibond is mainly used for advertising purposes. It’s designed to be material for outdoor signs and displays. You can see some more samples of Dibond CNC machined with ZMorph VX below.


Dibond CNC milling.
These Dibond sign can be used on airports.
Dibond CNC milling.
Coffee machine marked with Dibond sign.
Dibond CNC milling.
Various signs made using CNC machined Dibond.

Health & Safety

The noise generated by CNC PRO Milling Toolhead is not dangerous for hearing but may be tiring and unnerving. Use hearing protection or leave the room while the machine is operating. It is also recommended that the room is well ventilated.

Do not under any circumstances touch the moving parts of the machine while it’s at work. Doing so may cause serious injuries. Be careful around ZMorph VX and be aware of any loose parts of your clothing or long hair as they might get sucked into the moving parts. 

Dibond CNC milling.
Dibond is lightweight and sturdy. You can hang it on the wall to mark a place.

ZMorph Materials Library

ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer officially supports almost 50 materials for subtractive and additive manufacturing. To make working with these materials easier for you we’ve prepared ZMorph Materials Library – a 100-pages document with technical data, most important features, and sample applications. Browse through the catalog to find the most interesting material for you. The Library is available for free via our website.

ZMorph Materials Library

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