Working pen toolhead designed by a ZMorph user. Just print it and start drawing with your 3D printer.

Paolo Fiaschi recently bought an older ZMorph machine and started tinkering with it. Taking advantage of its modularity, he came up with an idea for a plastic pen holder. Mounted on the X carriage, it becomes a unique pen toolhead able to draw beautiful shapes and images. You can download his design for free and try it yourself!

pen toolhead
Various drawings made on ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer

How to print the pen toolhead

If you own ZMorph 2.0 S, ZMorph 2.0 SX or ZMorph VX multitool 3D printer, then you should download and print the updated design that we prepared.

? Download PenHolderSTL

DIY pen toolhead working with ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer

You can print the parts without any support. Once you have them all, it’s quite easy to assemble them and fit the pen.

How to draw with the pen toolhead

In order to use the 3D printed pen toolhead, you need to mount it on the X carriage of the machine and choose CNC PRO toolhead in the menu. Fit in the pen inside and calibrate the machine. We recommend that you place the tip of the pen slightly below the surface of the table to press it because the plastic parts tend to bent up a little.

pen toolhead
Original pen toolhead designed and printed by Paolo Fiaschi

To draw with Paolo’s DIY toolhead you’ll need a DXF vector image. You can use free Inkscape software to convert any JPG file to vectors. Also, please note that the pen works best with clear outlines and can’t recreate perfect shades.

pen toolhead
DXF vector image in Voxelizer software

In Voxelizer software open 2D milling workflow and import the DXF file. Due to safety reasons, you won’t be able to set 0 mm material height so we recommend setting 0.1 mm material height instead. With the pen pressed to the table during calibration, you should be able to draw images on paper and cardboard. Generate drill patterns and launch the file on your ZMorph multitool 3D printer.

pen toolhead
DIY pen toolhead mounted on ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer

Print, draw, and share

Paolo did a great job with this design even if using it requires some effort. We needed a few attempts to get our pen toolhead to draw but once we found a perfect calibration setting, the results were just amazing. Thank you for sharing this awesome design with our community!

pen toolhead
Drawings made with DIY pen toolhead

Let us know if you decided to print this DIY toolhead and send us your drawings to


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  1. Hello i have a 2.0s

    I can only select a 3d head in the menu

    Material height does not go to 0.1 always jumps to 0.0
    Depth also jumps to 0.0

    When I play pushes the head 12mm high and the bed out

    Otherwise nothing will happen

  2. Marcelo Berruti Reply

    I tested it and Work perfect, the only problem i found is the strength of the back fixation, this broke at first use. There is no problem in further uses and the quality of the work didn’t change.

  3. Hi,
    can someone share recommended settings for this like (single pass depht, max cutting depht, hatching, aproach etc.) it kinda works but the tool makes lots of up and down movements.


    • Hi Jack,

      The pen needs to be pressed to the table with material height set in Voxelizer at 0.1 mm. The up and down movements are nothing unusual. They’re necessary to make space between the lines of a drawing – it emulates retraction used in standard toolheads. Also, please remember that the image you want to draw should have clear outlines without shades.

      I hope this helps!

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