Kris Gorden, Operations Manager and Lead Engineer in Journey Electronics Corp. reflects about his experience with ZMorph multitool 3D printer.

What You Should Know About ZMorph, What I Love About ZMorph

I have been a customer of ZMorph for 20 months. When we placed our order in May of 2015, we didn’t know it would take 2-3 months to ship due to high demand. Once we got our machine, the technology was brand new, it took some learning and exploring and hours of testing to get the prints just right.

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Kris Gorden’s office with ZMorph machine conveniently put on a desk next to his

The forums were, truthfully, underwhelming at the time and I turned to Google for most of my answers. A few months into using it, I contacted the new support email system and spoke with Przemek [Jaworski, CEO of ZMorph] directly and with his and his team’s help, I was able to solve the issues we were having, one by one. Soon after, Emilia took over the support emails and her help and expertise were a great addition to the product.

Their support and advice kept us using 3D printing, in all honesty. We were racing against the clock to produce prototypes and were contemplating dropping and cutting our losses before Przemek and Emilia’s came to the rescue. ZMorph multitool 3D printer is a reliable one, and that is not made possible by luck alone. The people behind ZMorph, their customers like us who support the ever expanding forum community, we are what made ZMorph what it is today. Our input, research, and requests, ZMorph’s attention to, and implementation of, those ideas and ZMorph’s never-failing passion for improving its product are the very reason ZMorph is a leader in this industry.

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ZMorph multitool machine with custom filament holder made by Kris

We currently use the ZMorph 2.0 S with an upgraded LCD that has the SD card slot on the back side. For toolheads, we use the single 1.75 mm extruder for printing. For material, we exclusively use PETG from Toner Plastics located in Massachusetts, USA. ABS warps. For the kinds of large prints we produce, ABS don’t make sense for us. We have dabbled in PLA and HIPS, but haven’t really used them much. We developed a proven way to print with PETG on the ZMorph and that can be found in the forums. Others in the community have their own methods and have shared them with the community as well, which also speaks volumes to the strength and reliability of the ZMorph product.

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Left – Beard care tray holding beard oil and tamer, comb and boar’s hair brush, and three all-natural lip balms.
Bottom – Beam Splitter block for splitting a beam of light.
Middle – One of two pulleys for testing on a water control system before it ships in April of 2017.
Top – An alarm mount for our main cabinet.
Right – An AR15 Buffer stand used for assembling three different sized buffers.

Obviously, we use our ZMorph for company use, but we also have used this for personal and family purposes as well.

As far as the quality is concerned, the ZMorph system is made of 5 mm Aluminum plates with Plexiglas covers and sides. So, needless to say, the system is durable and well-built. If we’re being honest, the only issues I have experienced while using the ZMorph printer is the Z-stop switch, which is now failing, and the undercarriage LED, which has never worked to my knowledge. That being said, the quality of the prints being produced are great. And with each patch to the Voxelizer software, we are experiencing slightly better than before results. Improvements – every step of the way.

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Custom filament feeding solution made by Kris

All-in-all, we are a happy customer who will be purchasing another ZMorph in the near future. Likely when the new models hit the shelves. Maybe there will be a model with a much larger bed? Who knows!


Honesty and integrity are important for me. I think that coupling the short-comings with successes are what show us that we are strong, and what has made us strong. In other words, Yes there were some issues and some lack of information that was available to the public when we first purchased the product, but the real joy came in working with the ZMorph staff to overcome and improve the product.

That is the honest truth. I am passionate about your product because you are passionate about your product. I want it to succeed because of the possibilities it can provide for our company. You are passionate for the same reasons. It is obvious to me that the money you get in profits is only a byproduct of the quality that you produce and the service you provide.

Kris Gorden is Operations Manager and Lead Engineer in Journey Electronics Corp. He’s also one of the most active members of ZMorph’s Designfutures forum.


Operations Manager and Lead Engineer in Journey Electronics Corp.

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