Felt has both practical and decorative usage, and you can easily cut it with Laser PRO Toolhead mounted on ZMorph VX. How? Find out in the article.

Felt laser cutting and engraving
Green bugs made of felt. Laser cut using ZMorph VX.

What is Felt?

It’s very probable that you have some felt objects in your home, but have you ever wondered what it exactly is? And if you could laser cut the material? Let’s find out what felt is before we dig in the ZMorph and Voxelizer settings.

Felt is a soft textile material used mostly for decorations. It’s made of fibers condensed and pressed together. It can be made both from natural (like wool), and synthetic fibers (like acrylic).

Felt laser cutting and engraving
Laser PRO Toolhead and ZMorph VX CNC worktable.

How to Laser Cut Felt with ZMorph VX?

There’s no felt preset in Voxelizer but worry not as we’ll guide you through the process of laser cutting the material below. Following paragraphs discuss the software settings, workpiece holding, and other practical information.

Felt laser cutting and engraving
Various felt decorations laser cut using ZMorph VX.

Voxelizer Settings

For laser engraving felt set the speed to 10-30 mm/s. If you want to cut the material using Laser PRO, use speeds 10 mm/s or slower

Workpiece Holding

You can use a double-sided foam tape to mount felt sheets on the VX worktable, but be careful when removing it not to destroy the material. 

Felt laser cutting and engraving
Furniture pads laser cut out of felt.

Other Settings

Close the plastic covers and don’t forget to put on safety glasses before starting laser jobs. 

Felt laser cutting and engraving
Furniture pads laser cut out of felt and Laser PRO Toolhead.

Felt Applications

As we mentioned before, felt is mostly used for decorative purposes. However, there are few practical felt applications. It can be used for jewelry, furniture pads or coasters. See samples below.


Felt laser cutting and engraving
Felt bug pins. Laser cut using ZMorph VX.
Felt furniture pads. Laser cut using ZMorph VX.

Health & Safety

Never look directly at the laser beam without safety goggles. The 2.8 laser diode can make you blind and burn your skin. Do not touch the machine while it’s working as you might hurt yourself on one of the moving parts.

Felt is pretty safe material, but when burned with laser it emits fumes with strong odor. It’s not recommended to inhale these fumes so it’s best if you’re not in the same room as the machine while it’s operating. If you feel dizzy, grab some fresh air and if the symptoms don’t go away, contact a doctor. 

Felt laser cutting and engraving
Felt is a perfect material for various decorations.

Other Materials for Laser Cutting with ZMorph VX

ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer supports almost 50 materials for both subtractive and additive manufacturing, including 10 positions for laser engraving and cutting. Discover them all in ZMorph Materials Library, a free 100-pages document with technical data, sample applications, and most important features. Don’t forget to visit our blog regularly for more articles on the supported materials.

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