This unique self-made Ferris wheel bookshelf was built with only one multitool machine.

We all have this one wall at home that would be perfect for hanging something unique. Original painting by a famous artist, sports trophies from a discipline we never had time to master or a piece of decorative art we made ourselves. For just a novelty item without a use. But what if this piece could be unique and useful at the same time?

Eliza Wrobel likes to travel and always bring back various trinkets from her trips. Instead of buying a shelf for them, she designed and made her own unique interior decoration. It’s far more than just a piece of wood to put her memorabilia on. Using her ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer, a bunch of screws and 12V electric engine, she has built a Ferris wheel bookshelf that makes an original moving display, which can’t be bought in any store.

Ferris wheel bookshelf
A closer look at the center mechanism of the Ferris wheel bookshelf

The making of the Ferris wheel bookshelf

In her project, Eliza combined 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving techniques, all available in her multitool machine. The base of the Ferris wheel bookshelf is made from 6.5 mm thick CNC-cut plywood puzzles. Each puzzle is engraved with a laser, so the whole piece creates a tiger-like dimensional pattern.

Ferris wheel bookshelf
CNC-cut puzzles before laser engraving

20 plywood puzzles are placed in two rings around the center mechanism. They fit closely, while the wood filler placed beneath them additionally hardens the entire structure. Top of the puzzles is covered with a mordant and painted with varnish which gives it a shiny look.

Ferris wheel bookshelf
Wooden puzzles prepared in Voxelizer software

3D printed parts of the Ferris wheel bookshelf include gold shelves, black counterweights, parts used in the center planetary gear mechanism, and the wall mounting. They were all printed with various 1.75 mm PLA filaments. Standard settings were sufficient for most of the parts but the gold shelves required a 6% honeycomb infill to make them light but durable.

Ferris wheel bookshelf
3D printed planetary gear mechanism

After joining all parts with screws, Eliza hung her Ferris wheel bookshelf on the wall. When the engine is turned on, the entire construction moves while the shelves keep a perfectly horizontal position thanks to their counterweights. This unique decoration serves as a display cabinet for memorabilia but also allows the author to keep her stuff within a hand’s reach.

Ferris wheel bookshelf
Ferris wheel bookshelf in its full glory

Dare to create your own home decors

With proper tools, you can create items that can add a unique feel to your home, make it feel cozier and personal while staying useful at the same time. It’s good to start small, like with a CNC-cut lamp or your own customized drinking glasses. The making of a 3D printed chair could be your next step.

3D printed chair
3D printed chair made with ZMorph 2.0 SX

The Ferris wheel bookshelf clearly shows that when it comes to interior design, decorations, and self-made gadgets, it’s worth to dream big. And with a machine like ZMorph 2.0 SX you can make these dreams come true.


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