We’ve met with Cyperian, a professional cosplay maker, who uses a ZMorph 3D printer a lot when making his creations. We asked him some questions about how he uses a 3D printer while working on cosplays.

Interview with Cyprian Perepeczo of Cyperian Workshop 

Cyprian has been working with cosplays for many years now and visited various events to show them to a wider audience. His cosplays are sometimes used for advertising or made on demand for his clients. Preparing a full cosplay with 3D printed elements takes a few days. His go-to materials are PLA and PET-G. Here’s what Cyprian told us.

How does the ZMorph 3D printer improve your work?

Cyprian: It’s mostly the time-saving factor. When I’m printing a model I can simultaneously work on something else. The filaments I use are much more durable than other materials, say EVA foam. When it comes to improving my work, 3D printed elements are much more precise than handmade ones. 

How much time does it take to make a cosplay using a 3D printer compared to handmade costumes?

Cyprian: It’s hard to say exactly because I don’t make full 3D printed cosplays, only some parts. 3D printing takes several hours, full cosplay is made in a few days.

How exactly do you use the ZMorph All-in-One 3D printer?

Cyprian: I use ZMorph only for 3D printing, although I also make 3D printed molds or designs for leather imprints

What happens later to the 3D printed parts?

Cyprian: 3D printed parts of the cosplay have to be post-processed in order to smoothen the layers. Then I cover it with spackle, and finally a few layers of paint.

What do you do with the 3D printed cosplays?

Cyprian: I make cosplays mostly as a hobby. I can show them off at various events. Professionally, I use the cosplays for advertising games, event stands, etc. 

Cyprian has visited numerous events for cosplayers, such as Pyrkon, Comic Con, Warsaw Games Week, or Fantasy Days in Wrocław. He took part in a lot of contests and won. His Facebook profile is followed by a few thousand people.

3D Printed Leather Imprints

The thing that got most of our attention are the leather imprints. It’s an easy task using a 3D printer but gets a lot harder when you try to do this with your own hands. Cyprian prints detailed patterns from 3D printing filament and then presses leather to it so the motif is imprinted on the material. Why is it so hard without some sort of machinery involved? The patterns are detailed and very precise. You can see symmetrical shapes and meticulous designs, which make cosplays even more outstanding and unique.

Connect with Cyperian Workshop

If you’re interested in Cyprian’s work of art, follow him on social media channels: Instagram and Facebook. Let’s find out if you know all the characters he’s cosplaying.


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