We just released a new interchangeable Laser PRO toolhead which is more compact, more powerful, faster, and safer to use. It’s a perfect fit for your workshop!

The new Laser PRO toolhead is compatible with all ZMorph multitool 3D printer models and comes at an enticing price.

ZMorph VX and Laser PRO toolhead
ZMorph VX with Laser PRO toolhead equipped.

More powerful and safer

Laser PRO toolhead is equipped with a 2.8W blue laser diode. It’s 50% more powerful than the previous model and can work twice as fast. You can achieve a higher level of detail and less overburns with it – just have a look at the samples below.

Laser PRO toolhead
Samples made with the new Laser PRO toolhead
Laser PRO toolhead
Laser PRO toolhead in action

This new toolhead cuts and engraves in materials like plywood, various types of wood, adhesive foils, cardboard, leather, acrylic glass, felt, and others. It even enables manufacturing of working PCBs!

Laser PRO toolhead
Laser-engraved PCBs with and without electronics

Thanks to the new electronics and CNC-cut aluminum body with a built-in cooling system, the toolhead is more compact and lighter than the previous model, which makes it easier to mount and use. With aluminum protective tube enclosing the beam, and new protective glasses, the Laser PRO toolhead is also safer to use. Especially when you follow our laser safety guidelines.

Laser PRO toolhead
Wood and paper objects engraved and cut using the new Laser PRO toolhead (the stand was made using CNC PRO toolhead for ZMorph)

New application – working PCBs

Laser PRO toolhead can also be used to engrave working PCBs. Automated laser-engraving can replace various DIY techniques and even CNC milling due to its high level of precision and low material waste.

Laser PRO toolhead
Precisely-engraved PCB paths made with Laser PRO toolhead

Copper boards covered with a black spray paint can be engraved into both one and double sided printed circuit boards. After traditional copper etching, these PCB’s are ready to solder electronic components to them.

Laser PRO toolhead
Laser-engraved PCB with and without eletronics

Every owner of ZMorph Multitool 3D Printer can now create high-quality PCBs for their prototypes and custom electronics.

Laser PRO toolhead engraving PCB
Laser PRO toolhead engraving a custom PCB

Laser PRO for every workshop

New construction, new features, and improved safety make the Laser PRO a perfect addition to the ZMorph family of interchangeable toolheads. The toolhead can be used with all models of ZMorph multitool 3D printers unlocking new multi-material possibilities for all professional, educational, art, and maker projects.

Laser PRO toolhead
Elegant paper greeting cards cut using the new Laser PRO toolhead

You can use the Laser PRO toolhead for laser-cutting stickers and engraving various objects. It can also be used in art and decor projects like the Ferris Wheel Bookshelf in which the laser was used to decorate plywood with a tiger-like dimensional pattern.

Along with ZMorph’s 3D printing and CNC milling toolheads, the Laser PRO is now part of the most versatile desktop solution for high-quality digital fabrication. Working with all these toolheads is even more comfortable with Voxelizer software that features dedicated workflows for every ZMorph toolhead. Laser workflows include cutting, engraving, and image etching, which enables laser painting of detailed images and portraits.

Laser PRO toolhead
Activated Laser PRO toolhead glows red to remind you about wearing the protective glasses

Available now

Laser PRO toolhead is available in ZMorph VX Full and Custom sets as well as a separate product in our online store available for 469.00 EUR / 539.00 USD. You can also buy it through a chain of over 50 ZMorph resellers around the world.


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  1. Abdullah Al-Dar Reply

    While I love the concept of ZMorph and the interchangeable heads I think this is overpriced. Eleks laser engraver A3 with 5.5W laser and 30*38cm working area goes for just below $500.

    I hope you guys think about lowering the cost of the heads otherwise it isn’t really a bargain.

    • Hi Abdullah,

      Thanks for the comment. The machine that you mentioned is a single-purpose device while our Laser PRO toolhead is an extension for ZMorph multitool 3D printer ecosystem that offers a far wider spectrum of digital fabrication techniques and applications. Both solutions have their pros and cons and are dedicated for different users.

      We did our best to keep the price as low as possible without compromising on the quality – in fact, we used the best quality CNC-cut aluminum for the frame and highest quality of electronics inside that should prove to be very lasting.

      Also, please note that the new Laser PRO offers not only more power than the previous model but also better safety measures, it also comes with dedicated Voxelizer software that enables working with the laser and all other ZMorph toolheads.

      Feel free to ask any additional questions or contact our team directly via LiveChat.

      Best regards,

  2. Hi, great blog! Is there a functionality for printing braille blocks for use by people who are visually impaired?

    • Jakub Spiryn Reply

      Yes! Although 3D printing or even CNC milling them would make more sense than using laser engraving/cutting.

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