With these laser-cut laptop stickers, you can make your computer even more personal.

Do you like your things unique and personalized? Eliza Wrobel sure does, that’s why she decided to design and manufacture a set of unique laptop stickers for herself.

laser-cut laptop stickers
Laser-cut Batman laptop sticker

One of her ideas was to make use of the illuminated backs of laptop covers. She also wanted to reduce the manufacturing costs by using scraps of black PVC sticker foil.

The making of laser-cut laptop stickers

Using a graphic design software Eliza drew several designs including a cockeyed spider, sweet cat, Batman sign, ZMorph logo, a wicked witch and more.

laser-cut laptop stickers
Various laser-cut laptop stickers

Stickers had different shapes and it would cost a lot to print just one copy of all of them. Laser-cutting in a black PVC sticky foil seemed like a quick and efficient alternative. It also allowed Eliza to control the whole manufacturing process to achieve better results.

Voxelizer software helped her in transforming vector graphics into G-codes.

laser-cut laptop stickers
Sticker design in Voxelizer software

Perfect tool for low volume production

Laser-cutting of a single sticker took only a few minutes. The laser beam was very precise and didn’t leave any burnt material. Eliza was able to use and reuse various scraps of the foil because the machine doesn’t require a standardized sheet of material to work.

laser-cut laptop stickers
Laser-cut spider laptop sticker

The last thing to do was to put the stickers on laptop covers and making sure that cockeyed spiders eyes glow on everybody who passes by!

ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer mounted with a laser toolhead proved to be an efficient tool for low volume production of unique laser-cut laptop stickers.

Now you can make your own laptop stickers!


Content Marketing Manager at ZMorph. 3D printing enthusiast and avid gamer


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