If you’re looking for a low-cost material for sliding rails, gibs or similar applications, you might want to check LDPE. Here’s how to CNC mill low-density polyethylene.

CNC milling LDPE.
LDPE comes in a wide variety of colors.

What is LDPE?

LDPE stands for low-density polyethylene. It’s not as hard than HDPE (high-density polyethylene), nonetheless exhibits good machining properties. LDPE has great moisture resistance, and it’s more malleable and easier to form than other polyethylene types. It’s relatively cheap and offers a good stability to temperature.

LDPE usually arrives with FDA compliance, which may be beneficial for some applications.

LDPE CNC Machining.
CNC machined LDPE.

How to CNC Machine LDPE?

You can easily CNC mill in LDPE using ZMorph VX. Here’s what you should know before you start your work.

Voxelizer Settings

We’ll be updating Voxelizer with LDPE preset soon, but in the meantime we recommend setting the speed to 7-12 mm/s. Other parameters depend on the size (thickness) of your material and what you want to achieve.

CNC milling in LDPE.
When using double-sided foam tape double check if the material is properly secured.

Workpiece Holding

LDPE can be mounted using double-sided foam tape or plastic clamps, but there are other workpiece holding solutions that might interest you.

End Mills

You can use universal end mills for CNC machining LDPE. Visit our online store to purchase.

CNC machining LDPE.
Universal end mills are available via the online store.


It’s important to vacuum the inside of the machine from time to time, especially when you’re working on large-volume projects. The milling shavings may clog the device resulting in an unsuccessful attempt. 

LDPE Applications

CNC machined LDPE is used as sliding rails, gibs, and other applications requiring low temperature flexibility, toughness, and durability.


CNC machining LDPE.
LDPE sliding rail.
CNC machining LDPE.
LDPE gib.

Health & Safety

You should never touch the moving parts of the machine because you may get injured. ZMorph CNC PRO Toolhead operates on high speeds and uses sharp bits that can cut through your skin. Although the CNC toolhead doesn’t heat up the same way 3D printing toolheads do, it’s wise to wait until it cools down before taking out your models. 

LDPE CNC machining.
Use the CNC PRO Milling Toolhead with caution.

ZMorph Materials Library

With almost 50 materials available for manufacturing with ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer, the machine is one of the most versatile devices in this segment. We’re presenting the ZMorph Materials Library for free where you can get informed about all of the materials, their technical data, most important features, and sample applications.

ZMorph Materials Library

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