A practical solution for casting that is machining wax, can be easily shaped using a CNC milling machine such as ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer. Learn how.

CNC milling machining wax.
ZMorph VX can be turned into a CNC milling machine with CNC PRO Milling Toolhead.

What is Machining Wax?

Machining wax is a term for an exceptionally hard synthetic wax mixed with plastic that features great machining properties, quality of finish, and dimensional accuracy. The material is recyclable and reusable, and is used to produce accurate molds, prototypes, and jewelry.

CNC milling machining wax.
Machinable wax can be used as casting cores.

How to CNC Mill in Machining Wax?

Machining wax is believed to be an easy material for CNC machining (hence the name). Below you’ll find practical tips & tricks on how to mill in machining wax with ZMorph VX.

Voxelizer Settings

Based on our internal testing, the following settings should deliver the best results:

Cutting speed – 1.75 mm/s
Lead in/out speed – 1.25 mm/s
Max. step down – 0.15 mm

CNC milling machining wax.
Various examples of CNC machining wax.

Workpiece Holding

We recommend using double-sided foam tape to secure the material on the CNC worktable. Alternatively, you can use clamps but be careful while fastening the mount. Although machining wax is a relatively hard synthetic material, you can dent the sides by placing the clamps too tight.

End Mills

While CNC milling in machining wax you can use universal single flute end mills. 

CNC milling in machining wax.
You can use double-sided foam tape to mount machining wax on the CNC worktable.


Machining wax can clog the end mill, that’s why it’s important to vacuum the inside of the machine while doing big projects. We recommend also closing the covers of ZMorph VX.

Machining Wax Applications

Due to its features, machining wax is widely used for casting cores, molds, and CNC program proofs


CNC machining wax.
CNC machining wax.
CNC machining wax.
CNC machining wax.

Health & Safety

Although CNC milling doesn’t generate as many fumes as 3D printing, you should still take care of proper ventilation while working. The machine can generate some noise that is not dangerous to hearing but can be fatiguing. Consider using ear protection or leaving the room while ZMorph VX is CNC machining. If you choose to leave the room, make sure no one unskilled is around the machine, and check on it from time to time.

Do not, under any circumstances, touch the moving parts of the machine while it’s operating. You’re risking serious injuries while doing so. Additionally, make sure no loose part of clothing or long hair gets sucked into the device. 

CNC machining wax.
Machining wax comes in various sizes and colors.

ZMorph Materials Library

Apart from CNC machining, ZMorph VX can also 3D print and cut with lasers. Due to a vast variety of materials available for all three workflows, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to all options you can have with ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer. The ZMorph Materials Library includes almost 50 materials for subtractive and additive manufacturing, their applications, most important features, and technical data. There’s no catch – you can have it for free by downloading via our website.

ZMorph Materials Library

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