With this 3D printed chair, you can furnish your living room or office yourself and in a unique way.

Bits & Parts designed an awesome puzzle chair, which everybody can 3D print and put together making a furniture that you won’t find in any store. The design is available for free and our Chinese friends from Beets3D used it recently to test the capabilities of ZMorph multitool 3D printer. The results are really impressive.


Piecing the chair together

The biggest challenge in manufacturing the 3D printed chair was to keep track of all the various pieces and avoiding missing or doubling them.

3D printed chair
Source: Beets3D

Assembly of the puzzle pieces also wasn’t easy, because the pieces fitted closely together and sometimes they had to be forced in place. However, the way the pieces are designed and closely fitted makes the chair well balanced and durable, even without gluing it together (but we recommend it, just to feel safe).

3D printed chair
Source: Beets3D

For 3D printing of parts, people from Beets3D used ABS and standard Voxelizer present for 1.75 mm filament with power raft and support. They only bumped up the temperature of the worktable to 120 degree Celsius, to prevent the material from cracking. They were also able to repair the cracks with ABS Juice and some polishing, so they didn’t have to reprint whole parts. This is a huge advantage of ABS and quality of prints made on ZMorph with this material makes it the best pick for many 3D printing projects.

3D printed chair
Source: Beets3D

3D printed chair for your home and office

The 3D printed chair requires adding wooden legs to the printed seating. It also takes some time to complete it since single puzzle parts are fabricating from 2 to 8 hours, but the results will surely impress your visitors while making a comfortable seat. Once the chair is complete, it makes a perfect fit both for a living room in a modern interior as well as your office.

3D printed chair
Source: Beets3D

Free interior design projects

You don’t have to be an interior designer to create your own home decorations or even furniture. The web is full of great and free designs you can download and manufacture on your multitool 3D printer, like for example Geoflower pots or CNC milled Swiss Cheese lamp.

Source: EMRL

Look over various 3D model repositories and unleash your creativity!


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  1. the puzzle piece have a real bad fitting issue. not because they are tough to insert onto one another but because the pieces do not fit well once assembled.
    the look as if some of the males do not completely read the diameter of the female pieces thus leaving you with a gap at the curvature areas of the pieces.
    waste of funds on filament and waste of time if the pieces display a horribly gap once assembled… just feedback. make the pieces fit better.

    • We can’t make them fit better since this is not our design. As far as I know, our Chinese friends who used this free design had problems only with connecting the pieces and cracks when they tried to force them together, not with gaps between pieces.

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