ZMorph Knowledge Base just received a major update with a complete set of multi-material 3D printing tutorials.

For some time now we’ve been developing and updating the ZMorph Knowledge Base with new guides and tutorials for our multitool 3D printer and proprietary Voxelizer software that enables you to materialize even the wildest ideas.

CES 2017
Image Mapping with ZMorph 2.0 SX

The recent big update features for videos with very insightful multi-material 3D printing tutorials. Check them out below to learn how to utilize the full power of the DUAL PRO toolhead through Voxelizer.

Two-material 3D printing tutorial

Creating PVA support tutorial

Color mixing tutorial

Image Mapping tutorial

More multi-material 3D printing tutorials

For more guides, tips and tricks, and multi-material 3D printing tutorials visit the Dual Extruders section in our Knowledge Base. We also have a brand new Image Mapping tutorial in the Voxelizer section in which we explain how you can place colorful images and textures on any 3D model that you want.

Let us know if you find the guides and tutorials in the Knowledge Base helpful and feel free to ask your support-related questions through LiveChat.


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