Various new filaments are now available at our online store. Choose from popular basic materials and more advanced ones, according to your needs.

Best Materials for Best Quality

All ZMorph Filaments were thoroughly tested before putting them in store. We tried dozens of different supplies and tons of various materials. After the testing, we can be sure, that we are giving you the best filaments intended for our machine.

All ZMorph Filaments guarantee outstanding results on ZMorph 3D printers.

Voxelizer Presets

We didn’t stop at the tests. As you probably already saw, the ZMorph filaments have their respective presets in Voxelizer. Our slicer software makes work with ZMorph VX even more enjoyable and pleasant.

Our goal was to create an environment, where the 3D printer, filaments and software work together smoothly, and offer the best possible quality of the outcome.

Voxelizer Presets

To sum up – we tested the filaments, created Voxelizer presets, and now are offering you the very same filaments. That is why we can guarantee, that you’ll get the best printing results with the ZMorph filaments.

Available Materials

What filaments you will find in our online store?

  • PLA – the most popular material in 3D printing. Use it for rapid prototyping, concept models, toys, etc. It’s easy to print, biodegradable and doesn’t emit harmful fumes. There are no problems with shrinking. ZMorph PLA comes in a wide variety of colors.
ZMorph PLA
  • ABS – tougher than PLA. It’s good for elements that need to be strong and durable. ABS is soluble in acetone, so it’s a great material for post-processing and it has right mechanical properties.
ZMorph ABS
  • PET-G – rigid material resistant to high temperatures and most liquids. Very useful for 3D printing containers of all sorts. Its main advantages are stable dimension, no shrinkage, transparency and good thermal resistance. What’s more, PET characterizes with good layer adhesion and electrical properties.
ZMorph PET
  • Nylon – perfect for cogwheels, belts or bearings. It’s resistant to wearing off and elastic, therefore hard to break. Nylon is lightweight but tough material with a high impact strength.
ZMorph PA
  • PVA – support material ideal for mixing with PLA in Dual Extruder and soluble in water. Use it whenever your design contains lots of overhangs or other hard to print parts.
ZMorph PVA
  • SoftFlex Filament based on TPE. SoftFlex is perfect for all objects that need to stay bendable and durable. This filament is a great technical and mechanical material that can be used for joints, gaskets, gears or tools.
ZMorph Flex

More Details at Online Store

If you’re interested in purchasing ZMorph filaments for 3D printing with ZMorph VX (which, of course, we strongly advise), head to the online store now. You can check current prices and available materials and colors there.


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