Sometimes the simplest use of 3D printing can be the most useful one. Check out how two designers used 3D printed grips during their typography workshop.

Maciej Kodzis and Grzegorz Owczarek from Pillcrow studio had to prepare several sets of stamps for their typography workshop during the Element Talks design conference. ZMorph multitool 3D printer proved useful in this process enabling them to quickly make dozens of 3D printed grips that were glued to stamps made out of PVC foam.

3D printed grips
Typography workshops during the Element Talks design conference in Warsaw, Poland

Creating new fonts

All participants of the workshop had 10 minutes to design a new look for three letters (A, G, and D) using only a few modular stamps. Every set of stamps had various shapes available. After 10 minutes, participants had to switch their stamps with each other and start over.

3D printed grips
Participants had only a few minutes to come up with new font designs

This way almost a hundred new font designs were made in just an hour! It’s a perfect rapid prototyping exercise for students, aspiring designers, and professional typographers to stimulate their imagination and unlock new levels of creativity.

3D printed grips
Modular stamps with 3D printed grips

The workshop helped the participants in finding new ways to quickly create ideas that include unusual shapes and glyphs. These could later be brainstormed and evolved during the branding process into original fonts that transmit their brand message in completely new way.

3D printed grips
Some of the fonts designed during the workshop

Not only 3D printed grips

Designers from Pillcrow studio used ZMorph Multitool 3D Printer to make 3D printed grips for their workshop. Interchangeable CNC toolhead could also be used to cut stamps in PVC foam, although in this case they were made manually at the event.

3D printed grips
CNC-cut stamps with 3D printed grips attached to them – all made using ZMorph 2.0 SX

This simple application clearly shows how 3D printing can deliver really amazing results and add value to every type of creative endeavors.


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