It’s even easier to purchase ZMorph All-In-One 3D Printers in Poland now, thanks to our new partner, Fis-Komp. 

About Fis-Komp

Fis-Komp is located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, and provides services since 1996. For 5 years now they also specialize in selling 3D printers from top Polish brands, as well as 3D printing filaments and spare parts. 

With the rising popularity of ZMorph machines we’re more than glad that native resellers are taking an interest in distributing our products. Here’s what Fis-Komp say about ZMorph:

“In June we added ZMorph Multitool 3D Printers, machines from a Polish manufacturer ZMorph S. A., to our offer. In our opinion, they are a perfect addition to a machine park, because of the ability to use laser engraving and CNC toolhead. Soon at our Facebook page we will publish test results. If we can allow ourselves a lack of objectivity, we sincerely recommend the Dual PRO toolhead, that allows to not only 3D print with support material, but can also make two-colored prints and color gradients.

In other words – we are very happy to cooperate with ZMorph S. A. and together bring our clients solutions fitted to their needs.”

Maciej Więcierzewski, 3D Printing Specialist at Fis-Komp

ZMorph VX: Prints, Mills, Engraves

ZMoprh VX is a multitool machine that can be your 24-hour workhorse able to 3D print, CNC mill, and laser cut and engrave. With almost 50 engineering materials tested and 3 workflows, ZMorph VX is one of the most versatile machines in its market segment. 

Visit our use cases to learn about different applications of the all-in-one machine. 


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