3D printing in product development, new ZMorph distributors and more. Here’re our latest blog and news round-up.

Pros and cons of in-house and outsource rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is an important, if not a crucial aspect of product development. In recent years, 3D printing became one of the most popular and reliable rapid prototyping technique out there. Many companies and their executives from various industries wonder whether outsource 3D printing services or invest in buying their own machines.

Rapid prototyping in product development
3D printed bridge prototype

In our latest blog article, we gathered all pros and cons of both solutions to help you decide what’s best for your business.



Distributor news

In the wake of releasing our latest and most advanced machine up to date, we signed four new distribution deals for France and French-speaking countries, Poland, Southeast Asia and Australia. This news was covered by major 3D printing media like 3DPrint.com, 3printr.com, and 3D Printing Center.

The total number of distributors and resellers of ZMorph brand increased to 63 companies from all over the world. Innovative ZMorph machines are now easily available to new users while the company is able to provide them with a better customer service and technical support during 12 months long free warranty and later on.

New ZMorph Distributors
New ZMorph distributors

3D printing survey from PwC

Consulting giant PwC took a closer look at the 3D printing industry in their latest report which highlights the current trends and prospects for the future. With over 70% of US industrial manufacturers already adopting 3D printing into their business, the technology is no longer only a hyped novelty but a valid rapid prototyping and manufacturing method.

3D printing survey
Source: PwC

Read the analysis on our blog and download the full report for free.

Gueni’s woodworks

We’re happy to present two new projects made by our user, Gueni.

First is a useful holder for a USB card reader. To manufacture this piece, Gueni used Trijeex ABS wood filament. It not only fits his desk but also looks like a part of the wooden furniture.

News - ZMorph Digest #7
Source: Gueni

The second project is a 2D spatial image CNC milled in plywood and beech. Gueni created two G-codes – one for cutting the shape out of the wood and second for carving the details of a piglet. After wiping them with sandpaper, these funny images can decorate your kitchen or child’s room – with ZMorph multitool 3D printer one could even create an entire animal farm!

News - ZMorph Digest #7
Source: Gueni

Share your 3D prints, CNC and laser work with us by sending them to hello@zmorph3d.com


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