In our series of materials overview it’s time to focus on nylon. This material is easy to machine on ZMorph VX and has numerous real-life applications. Learn about tips and tricks for nylon CNC milling below.

Nylon and ZMorph CNC PRO Milling Toolhead
ZMorph VX is capable of CNC milling in nylon thanks to the CNC PRO toolhead.

What Is Nylon?

Nylon (or polyamide) is an engineering thermoplastic that is easy to machine and can serve as various end-parts. It’s characterized by excellent abrasion resistance, high impact strength and good mechanical properties. What’s more, nylon can be used as an electric insulation. It’s lightweight, offers high tensile strength and low friction. This material doesn’t burn – it just melts. 

CNC nylon
CNC machined nylon parts.

How to CNC Machine Nylon?

If you want to start 2D or 3D milling in nylon using ZMorph VX, we recommend using Voxelizer software for this purpose. Scroll down for tips & tricks on nylon CNC milling with ZMorph All-In-One machines. 

CNC milled nylon cogwheels and ZMorph CNC PRO milling toolhead
CNC milled nylon cogwheels.

Voxelizer Settings

While choosing the toolhead you should also specify whether you want to perform 2D or 3D milling in nylon. Both options are available and depend on what you want to accomplish. Based on our internal testing, nylon is best machined with speeds 1-12 mm/s. You can find even more settings for CNC milling in Voxelizer Experimental version.

Workpiece Holding

Wrong workpiece holding will most probably end in a failed attempt. Therefore we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on material workholding for you. There are several ways how to properly mount nylon on the CNC worktable, but the best is to use clamps shipped with every ZMorph VX. 

End Mills

It is best to use single and double flute end mills from our bundle pack available via ZMorph online store.


It’s best to CNC mill with closed covers in order to minimize chips spreading near the machine. Vacuum from time to time during bigger projects because the end mill can clog. 

Nylon sample on ZMorph VX CNC worktable
Ready sample of nylon CNC milling with ZMorph VX.

Nylon Applications

Nylon has a lot of applications. It can be used as cogwheels, dampening elements or wear blocks. Nylon is also used for machining jigs and fixtures. Below you can see some real-life nylon applications. 


Nylon CNC samples
3 different types of cogwheels CNC milled using ZMorph VX.
Nylon insulating washers
Nylon insulating washers made using ZMorph VX.

Health & Safety

Never touch the moving parts of the machine while it’s operating. Some parts of the machine may get extra hot so it’s a good idea to wait until it cools down before removing your project. 

ZMorph VX operates on high speeds and there’s a serious risk of injuries, so be extra careful when working with the machine. 

CNC nylon cogwheels
CNC milled nylon end-parts.

More Materials for Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing

Apart from nylon for 3D printing, ZMorph VX operates with almost 50 other materials for additive and subtractive manufacturing. We’ve tested them all and the results are provided in the ZMorph Materials Library. Learn about all the features, applications and technical data in the 100-pages document.

ZMorph Materials Library

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