• As Zmorph grows, the company board evolves along. The most recent addition to Zmorph’s management team is Piotr Miednik, who joins the company as CFO. 
  • Zmorph’s new CFO, Piotr Miednik, will oversee the company’s growth and reporting as the portfolio expands.

Zmorph brand observes steady growth for the past few years. Its latest release, Zmorph Fab, and the announcement of i500 prove that the company has long-term plans for the future and wants to broaden the portfolio as well as keep up with the latest industry trends. This state calls for financial and risk management strategies that stay relevant in the upcoming times. 

Warsaw Equity Group, Zmorph’s main partner for growth, recently shared information about appointing a new board member and CFO, Piotr Miednik. Chief financial officer is a crucial role in rapidly developing companies. Being no longer a small startup, the brand needs an experienced person to guide it through complicated business procedures to ensure steady and safe growth. Piotr, along with other board members, will be responsible for bringing Zmorph to the most recognized 3D printing brands worldwide.

Piotr Miednik, CFO @ Zmorph S.A.

Piotr, who previously worked with such companies as CCC, IT Kontrakt, and JP Weber will be responsible for financial reporting, management information, and leading risk management processes. 

Previous Experience

Privately a big fan of Japanese culture, tennis player, and snowboard enthusiast, Piotr graduated from Kozminski University in Warsaw, a business school that is well-known in all Europe. He started his career at Deutsche Bank Polska. Then he spent 8 years at PrimaModa, where he began as an analyst, and advanced through various positions to CFO. After that he was working with the board of CCC Group; he led financial transformation projects, M&A transactions and PMI (post merger integration). Piotr’s career includes working at IT Kontrakt (a company in the portfolio of Cornerstone & Oaktree) and JP Weber (where he was leading the CFO Advisory practice).

The new CFO at Zmorph managed huge financial operations, M&A transactions worth ~200 mln EUR, acquiring financial rounds for development from banks and investors, but also working at different job cultures and international companies. Altogether, Piotr Miednik brings more than a dozen years of experience in finance from retail and IT industries.

Future Plans

The release of Zmorph i500 (scheduled for Q2 of 2021) begins a growth journey for the company. Until now, Zmorph was in the phase of organizing and bringing to a close a certain chapter (namely, planning the strategy for expanding the portfolio). We believe that the i500 meets the industry demands completely and will be a successful 3D printer. The role of Piotr is to control the process of growth, ensure steady development, and make appropriate business decisions. Piotr’s responsibility will be reporting to Warsaw Equity Group (Zmorph’s main investor) and working on the professional and mature business image of the company along with other board members. 

“Zmorph is an incredible company. The fact that such unique technology is made in Wrocław shows how strong the whole team is. There are many challenges before us before we can join the global leaders. I believe we can reach that success. Until then, let’s enjoy the journey.”

Piotr Miednik, CFO at Zmorph

Content Manager at ZMorph

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