ZMorph equipped 39 schools in Toruński province with the all-in-one 3D printers as the company won the tender for a part of the EU-supported educational project “EU-Geniusz”.

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.

ZMorph equipped 39 schools (mostly elementary) as a part of the “EU-Geniusz in a 3D world” project to bring new technology to education. The whole cost of the project estimates at 4 mln PLN (~1 mln USD), and around 1/4 of the amount includes the ZMorph tender. 

EU-Genius in a 3D World

“EU-Geniusz” project is carried out between May 2019 and June 2023 as a partnership between 10 local governments in the Toruński province. The project engages 2500 students, 220 teachers, and 39 schools. The students will be attending 5 different special classes that are to expand their mathematics, IT, designing, programming, and robotic skills; altogether more than 30,000 hours of classes. They will be conducted using experimental teaching skills and 3D printing. For that purpose, the schools have been equipped with 3D printers, computers, and robots that can be programmed. 

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
ZMorph VX during a training session for teachers.

“EU-Geniusz in a 3D world” (pol. “EU-Geniusz w świecie 3D”) is a continuation of two previous editions and each of them is a practical implementation of partnership between local governments that Toruński province has promoted since 2009. 

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
ZMorph VX during a training session for teachers.

The project aims at investing in both students and teachers to achieve better education and help learners with future jobs. First “EU-Geniusz” classes are planned for September unless the schools will stay closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
Creating a G-Code in Voxelizer.

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Why ZMorph VX?

Dorota Semenowicz, who is the coordinator of the project, says they intended to bring modern innovations into classrooms, so the students can learn in an appropriate technical environment. 

ZMorph VXs bought for the project are not only high-quality 3D printers, but also allow for subtractive manufacturing with interchangeable toolheads

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
CNC milling with ZMorph VX.

“Neither schools nor communes would be able to do such a purchase. The schools are supplied only with the equipment, materials, and aids necessary to teach the core curriculum. The 3D printers purchased for the project with the EU funds outperform other machines on the market due to the ability to change toolheads, which allows for 3D printing with various filaments, laser engraving, and CNC milling”, says Semenowicz.

Altogether 41 ZMorph 3D printers shipped to Toruński province and will be used by 39 schools in the area. 

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EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
Laser engraving with ZMorph VX.

Training, First Case Studies 

As a part of the agreement, ZMorph started a series of training for the teachers that will be using ZMorph VXs during the project. Unless due to the coronavirus pandemic schools remain closed, we can expect students to start working with 3D printing next month. We forecast that the first case studies will be presented on ZMorph Blog at the end of this year.

EU-Geniusz w Świecie 3D.
ZMorph VX during a training session for teachers.

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