We just got back from a successful business trip around Europe. Also, there’s a lot of interesting links in ZMorph Digest #9.

Make your own laser-cut laptop stickers

Eliza Wrobel decided to design unique laptop stickers to make her computer more personal. ZMorph 2.0 SX with a laser toolhead made it possible for her to save money, materials, and time as she was able to manufacture the stickers in just a few minutes. You can too, just download the free source files.

laser-cut laptop stickers
Laser-cut Batman laptop sticker

How to reduce costs of 3D printing

We asked an experienced 3D printing professional to gather a set of useful tips and tricks for reducing costs of digital fabrication. They’re easy to implement so you can start saving right away!

costs of 3D printing
Save more on 3D printing by following a few simple rules

ZMorph 2.0 SX on a successful business trip

Our CEO and Sales Director spent the last week traveling and showing ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer to our business partners and potential new clients around Europe. They also visited our friends from Machines-3D who received their first delivery of the new machine.

successful business trip
Fresh shipment of ZMorph machines

During the tour, we received a lot of positive feedback about ZMorph 2.0 SX and its capabilities. The number of orders is also rising and this is only the beginning as we’re soon flying to promote our products in the Middle East, Asia, and the US!



Join ZMorph on Instructables

You should definitely visit our new profile on Instructables where we released the source files for our 3D printed rehabilitation orthosis. Now everybody can download them for free, print and assemble. It’s not an easy task as the device consists of over 70 parts. Are you up for this challenge?

3D Printed Rehabilitation Orthosis - 3D Print
3D printed rehabilitation orthosis

3D scanning webinar on YouTube

We get a lot of questions about how to use our 3D scanner, so we asked our lead developer Filip to make a webinar about it.

Why buying quality filament matters

Head over to Designfutures forum to read a very interesting report from filament tests performed by KrisJEC. His findings really prove that quality matters.

ZMorph Digest #9
Source: Designfutures Forum

3D printed door knockers that look like forged in metal

ZMorph user Victor Pons 3D printed two door knockers and used a bit of post-production to make them look like they were forged in metal. The results are just stunning!

3D Printed Door Knockers

Send us your works to hello@zmorph3d.com and we’ll feature them on our blog!


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  1. David Brownson Reply

    I am trying to get a nice flat top surface which is smooth, on a flat 1mm high 20 x 20 mm square, but in the settings you can set the bottom height but not the top height it just seems to finish with the infill, what am I doing wrong when I set up Voxeliser.
    I have calibrated the bed to .055mm which seems the closest that I can get without making special tools to move the adjusting screws buy the 1 to 2 degrees that it is asking, I am using 1.75 mm black flexi fil with a .4 nozzle, the prints stick to the glass bed at 110c the nozzle temp 250c print speed 40ms, infil 40% outer layers 3 these always come out smooth.
    There maybe other settings that could be used but it is hard to know what they all mean and as I have never been able to find instructions on how to set them up. Just hoping that I can get some help.

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