CNC machined TCF, otherwise known as textolite, exhibits good insulating properties and therefore has many practical applications. Learn more about CNC milling TCF below.

TCF CNC machining.
CNC machined TCF.

What is TCF?

TCF, or textolite laminated sheet, is a structural composite material that features good mechanical and anti-friction characteristics. It can be easily CNC machined and is resistant to heat. 

This material is composed of around 40% polymers, and the rest 60% are different kinds of plastics. It’s sold as laminates using cotton fabric and phenolic resin used as a carrier. TCF usually comes in a natural brown color. 

CNC machining TCF.
The natural color for TCF is brown.

How to CNC Machine TCF?

To CNC mill in TCF, you have to change the toolhead to CNC PRO on your ZMorph VX All-in-One 3D Printer, and don’t forget to mount the VX CNC worktable. Below you’ll find some tips on Voxelizer settings, material mounting, and end mill selection. Let’s go!

CNC milling TCF.
2D milling operations on TCF can be set up in Voxelizer.

Voxelizer Settings

Obviously, to work with textolite you should choose the CNC milling workflow in Voxelizer. While CNC milling TCF you will usually need the 2D milling operations. Set the working speed to 1-15 mm/s. Faster speeds will most likely result in a broken cutter

Workpiece Holding

The plastic clamps we ship with every ZMorph VX Full Set allow sturdy mounting. You can 3D print them from the internal memory of your machine as well. Alternatively, you can use double-sided foam tape. Before pressing PLAY make sure the TCF laminate is safely mounted, otherwise your project will fail. 

How to CNC mill TCF?
CNC machined TCF.

End Mills

We recommend the composites tool kit available via our online store for CNC machining TCF.

Other Settings

Don’t forget to vacuum the inside of the machine if you’re milling bigger projects, and close the covers of ZMorph VX. Otherwise, the milling chips will get out of the enclosure causing more mess. Additionally, small parts can escape the machine and cause some damage to the nearest surrounding including bystanders. 

TCF CNC milling.
Various samples of CNC machined TCF.

TCF Applications

Thanks to the insulating properties and high thermal durability of TCF, you can use it as insulators and dielectric panels. Additionally, textolite is often used for CNC machining stencils. 


CNC machining TCF.
TCF insulator.
TCF CNC machining.
Sample of CNC milling in TCF.
CNC machining TCF.
TCF can be used for CNC milling stencils.

Health & Safety

Never touch the moving parts of the machine while it’s operating. The CNC PRO Milling Toolhead uses high speed and sharp parts designed to cut through tough plastics and soft metals. It can cut through your skin with ease. Always wait for the machine to stop and cool down before taking out your projects. 

How to CNC machine TCF.
ZMorph VX All-in-One 3D Printer can perform detailed CNC operations.

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