We had a real blast in Las Vegas during the biggest tech show in the world. Read our impressions of CES 2017!

3D printing played a significant role in the show although there were only a few companies showing actual new solutions and potential advancements in the technology. ZMorph was among these few with our latest achievements in multi-material 3D printing and Image Mapping.

Przemek Jaworski, Founder and CEO of ZMorph, at CES 2017

Our first time at CES

It was our first time attending and exhibiting at CES, so we had to prepare a unique booth, set of sample prints, and new printed materials about ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer. We were very happy to see that all this effort paid off with hundreds of people visiting our booth, dozens of meetings with potential clients, new business partners, and journalists.

During the first day of CES, the editor of TechCrunch liked our multitool 3D printer so much that he granted us a special Wild Card to join their Hardware Battlefield competition. We were surprised and honored! Although we had less than an hour to prepare a presentation, the audience and judges were truly amazed by the vast capabilities of ZMorph 2.0 SX as well as it looks which one of the judges compared to the classic iMac design.

Future of ZMorph and 3D printing

In an interview with 3DPrint.com Przemek Jaworski, Founder and CEO of ZMorph, spoke a little more about our reasons for attending CES this year:

CES this year is a great experience; we want to get much closer to American customers. We want our customers to get more familiar with our products, follow new distributors, increase the base of resellers. We see ourselves as a very different entity because we’re not about 3D printing. We’re a platform for different manufacturing techniques and product development.

During the show, we were very happy to receive a lot of positive feedback, especially related to the color blending and Image Mapping features, as well as selective two-material architectural 3D prints displayed at our booth. These kind words made the entire effort worth it!

Some of the sample 3D prints we made for CES 2017

There was also a lot of interest in both CNC-milling and laser cutting features of ZMorph 2.0 SX. Live demos were grabbing a lot of attention as it is still very uncommon to see a single device that can do multiple fabrication processes in one box. This is also why we faced some disbelief but we were able to quickly coin it into a real fascination for multifunctionality.

Our booth at CES 2017 was always full of people asking about ZMorph 2.0 SX

CES 2017 was a true adventure for the whole ZMorph team as well as a great opportunity for the company to grow. The show also proved that 3D printing is still on the rise. How it will evolve? We’re already planning our next trip to Vegas next year to check if our predictions had come true.


Content Marketing Manager at ZMorph. 3D printing enthusiast and avid gamer


  1. Bruce Blincow Reply

    Very interesting product. Wish I was there to see it and experience it.

    • Thank you, Bruce! We plan to attend quite a few events this year, so hopefully you’ll still have a chance to check out the machine in action.

  2. 3D printing played a significant role in the show although there were only a few companies showing actual new solutions and potential advancements in the technology.

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