For years now STEM has been using advanced technology like 3D printing in their work. It is vital that people who want to pursue their career in these fields should start as early as possible. This is why we believe machines like ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printers are perfect for schools and universities that implement STEM values in their teachings.

Educational 3D printed samples
Various educational samples

All-in-one Multitool

Considering the lack of space schools and universities often have to struggle with – a multitool 3D printer is a perfect choice. Instead of purchasing two or more different machines and wondering where to put them, it’s sometimes better to just buy one machine that has more than one workflow.

Multitool 3D printer for schools and universities
Kids at Salmon Public Library and ZMorph VX

Enters ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer – a high-end machine that’s capable of 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving and cutting. On top of that, you can get an experimental feature which is Thick Paste Extruder. What about the price you think? That is the best part – considering the versatility, applications and materials compatibility, one ZMorph VX costs still much less than three separate machines. Not only you save on space, but also you can save on money.

Introducing ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer

ZMorph VX, as we mentioned before, offers three methods of fabrication. Thanks to the rigid frame and other features it is perfectly capable of both high-quality 3D printing and CNC milling. So yes, it is mostly a high-performance 3D printer, but if you need to do some milling, ZMorph VX will stand to the task just as well.

Various educational samples

No other desktop 3D printer is compatible with that wide range of materials as ZMorph VX. You can 3D print with popular ones like PLA or ABS, but also less common materials like nylon, ASA or PC. Add to that materials for CNC milling like carbon, wood, lots of plastics and some soft metals and you have 48 materials for both professionals and amateurs.

Switching toolheads on ZMorph VX is fast and easy. It takes just about a minute to change from 3D printing to CNC milling or laser engraving workflow, and that enables you to create complex projects on one machine without a hassle. 

ZMorph VX as a Tool for STEM & Education

All the features mentioned before make ZMorph VX a perfect tool for education in terms of STEM principles. Science, technology, engineering, mathematics – they all use advanced technology like 3D printing, CNC milling, or laser engraving, and ZMorph VX offers all these three methods of fabrication in one machine. 

3D printed ship wreck
3D printed ship wreck

A multitool machine enables the youth to learn the three workflows within just one device. It also allows them to materialize their ideas and virtual projects. Teaching and learning 3D printing is one thing, but actually working with the machine and tangible projects develops practical skills in young people.

You don’t need a skilled professional to operate ZMorph VX. The multitool is ready to use almost out of the box. There is little to none tinkering while setting up the machine and with the Quick Start Guide provided in the box you can start 3D printing practically right away.

Another very important feature is the durability of ZMorph VX. The machine is built to work all day and all night. The strong aluminum frame, high-tech toolheads and encoder-based Closed Loop System guard the quality of your projects and allows to operate the machine 24/7. Not to mention how quiet it is while 3D printing.

What’s more, scholars and students can also go through ZMorph Academy to learn the principles of 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving and cutting as an introduction to automation in technology and as a means to learn about STEM values.


We don’t only think that ZMorph VX is a great tool for education. We know it as some of our customers are already using the machines for teaching, learning, and testing. ZMorph 3D printers helped a teacher to create a replica of World War II shipwreck, were used to make customizable 3D printed shoes for an art project, and are constantly in use by kids at Salmon Public Library in Idaho.

3D printed shoes made with ZMorph multitool 3D printer.

You can find more uses for ZMorph 3D printers in our official ZMorph applications catalog. Browse through almost 100 pages of various samples and ideas.

“For a small rural library having a piece of innovative technology like the ZMorph VX Multi-tool is crucial to allowing us to do what we do. Salmon Public Library, like most rural libraries are limited in funds and space, so having one piece of equipment that can perform multiple functions allows us to educate on different skill sets with minimal space usage.

The ease at which you can switch out tool heads to perform different tasks helps showcase the creative possibilities to our patrons. It also decreases the learning curve for our patrons because once you learn the basics on one tool head the others come much easier, opposed to learning on different machines with different platforms.

Not to mention the sleek design aesthetic which often catches our patron’s eye and gets them asking about what that machine can do. And very happy to show them.” 

Jeff Stratter from Salmon Public Library
Multitool 3D printer for schools and universities
Adult class at Salmon Public Library

Over the years Kołobrzeg has lost many wonderful monuments. That’s why we decided to recreate them during a project called KOŁOBRZEG 3D. We started works during spring 2016 when we received a ZMorph 3D printer from the company.

The possibilities that this machine gave us exceeded our expectations, therefore we didn’t limit ourselves to making simple models but started designing professional mockups. Our projects demanded that we had to use knowledge from various fields to finish them and that activated many students and teachers. We already finished four big projects, estimated to be worth thousands of zloty. Now we are making the fifth one, and sixth is in the way.

After World War Two, 233 cities in Poland were destroyed in more than 50%, so such projects can be accomplished in many Polish schools. What we did on ZMorph 3D printers can be seen at

Jacek Kawałek, teacher at Second High School in Kołobrzeg, Poland.
Mockup of Kołobrzeg, Poland in 15th Century.

ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer is available in various configurations. To get a quote or ask us questions about the machine contact us at or find a reseller.


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