This autumn was very busy for ZMorph team. We have traveled around 3D printing fairs in Europe and visited the most important events in the 3D printing industry!

Trade shows are full of great opportunities for exhibitors to not only promote themselves but also to get in personal touch with their clients. This year you could have seen us in Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Paris and Rome.

3D printing fairs 1 - Europe
Samples made with ZMorph multitool 3D printer

During the 3D printing fairs, we collected some useful feedback and important information as well as share the latest news about our products.

Here’s a short report from our Italian reseller Roberto Luccesi (3D Digital Dream) who was there during the Maker Fair Rome which made us really happy:

  1. Definitely the most appreciated feature of ZMorph printer was the “all in one laboratory” concept, the perfect modularity of the system.
  2. Second most welcomed ZMorph’s feature was Voxelizer running all the toolheads easily and quickly- with often upgraded software.
  3. The structural integrity of the printer is outstanding. It has a direct impact on the quality of the prints, which was suprisingly good, considering that it was working under heavy vibration caused by the raised floor.
  4. The aesthetics design was loved by everyone who passed by!
3D printing fairs 2 - Europe
ZMorph machines available at the trade show

Clearly, our resellers and potential customers appreciate ZMorph not only for the quality and reliability but also for its multifunctionality. Thanks to ZMorph multitool 3D printer, users get the possibility of truly innovative personal fabrication.

3D printing fairs 3 - Europe
Samples made with ZMorph multitool 3D printer

What does our CEO, Przemek Jaworski thinks about this year’s 3D printing fairs?

European trade shows are very important for businesses that aim to expand to global markets – the opportunities encountered during these events always surprise us. During these shows we acquired many new resellers and distributors, which in turn converted into higher sales. The second factor is also networking and inspiration – tech industry contacts and long term collaborations, often also with educational institutions – help tremendously and push the company forward.

3D printing fairs 4 - Europe
ZMorph booth at the trade show

As you can see it was a really good autumn for ZMorph!

Soon we’ll let you know about our trip to the US, so get ready for some more great news from us!


Community Manager at ZMorph

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