3D printing, CNC milling, laser engraving and cutting – ZMorph VX can do it all. This multitool 3D printer has a lot of applications in STEM fields, and ZMorph Academy is here to help you find your way.

Introducing ZMorph VX

ZMorph VX is our most advanced and versatile machine yet. It combines 3D printing, CNC, and laser engraving and cutting in just one, great looking device. It’s built like a tank and ready to operate 24/7. But you know this already. Those are probably the factors that brought you to the purchase in the first place.

But how to operate this powerhouse of a desktop tool? In every package, we include a quick start guide that will lead you through the process of the first encounter with ZMorph VX. For those who want to master the machine, we created the ZMorph Academy. A series of almost 100 courses will show you various possibilities of ZMorph VX.

ZMorph Academy

Learning the basics and advanced workflows in ZMorph Academy

Even if 3D printing is nothing new to you, you shouldn’t skip the first class. Perhaps you have experience in this field, maybe you own few other 3D printers. But if it’s your first time with ZMorph VX, you might want to know how to auto-calibrate your machine and how to change the toolheads.

We start with very basics. At the beginning of the Academy, you will learn how to attach the spool holder, auto-calibrate, and change tools. Don’t worry! It’s all illustrated with tutorial videos and photos. After some basic operations, it’s high time to start printing!

We divided ZMorph Academy into three courses – Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced. As we said before – you shouldn’t skip the Basic course, even if you know a lot about 3D printing. Some operations may work differently than in other 3D printers.

ZMorph Academy

ZMorph Academy courses

Basic classes will lead you through simple 3D printing and basic Voxelizer features. It includes:

  • Unboxing, attaching spool holder, autocalibration and tools changing.
  • 3D printing safety guidelines.
  • First 3D printing project.

Proceed to the Intermediate course to learn about CNC milling, laser engraving and cutting, and multi-material 3D printing. In this course you will learn:

  • CNC milling safety guidelines.
  • How to change drills.
  • Differences between 2D and 3D milling.
  • CNC milling workflow.
  • How to avoid errors and mistakes in CNC milling.
  • Laser safety guidelines.
  • Laser cutting workflow.
  • How to avoid errors and mistakes in laser cutting and engraving.
  • Intermediate Voxelizer features.
  • Multi-material 3D printing workflow.

Finally, after the Advanced course, you will become a ZMorph VX power user. Here you will learn:

  • How to make a custom PCB on ZMorph VX.
  • How to 3D print from flexible materials.
  • How to engrave on previously CNC cut objects.
  • Advanced Voxelizer features.
  • Post-processing.
  • How to prepare 3D printed molds.

And many more! Our goal is to make you fully aware of all ZMorph VX possibilities and applications through this courses. What’s more, each class ends in a task that requires you to use your machine in practice.

ZMorph Academy

Your first ZMorph VX project

The purpose of the ZMorph Academy is to train future ZMorph VX PRO users. We want you to know all available workflows and features and become specialized in all fields. It’s up to you which workflows you will master to perfection.

We finish each class with a practical example. Almost every lesson requires you to interact with ZMorph VX or Voxelizer. Simple, yet effective tasks will show you tangible effects of your practice. By the end of the Academy, you will have your own small project. A project that was created using all of the abilities of ZMorph VX.

What’s more, ZMorph Academy will also show you all Voxelizer features. The software offers now a free lifetime license for all ZMorph users. There are some features that don’t appear in any other slicer software and are unique to Voxelizer, for example:

  • Support for all available toolheads.
  • 3D filters.
  • Image mapping for dual extrusion.
  • And many more!

That is why we encourage you to use this software when working with ZMorph VX.

Enroll now – it’s free!

Don’t worry about the costs. We care a lot about ZMorph users and are very happy to share our knowledge with you. ZMorph Academy is free of charge.

If you have just received your ZMorph VX – unpack it and head to the ZMorph Academy to start learning and creating!


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