Welcome to our new blog series called ZMorph Digest in which we’ll give you a quick overview of all the latest news about 3D printing with ZMorph, updates for our multitool 3D printer, its firmware and the free Voxelizer software.

We’d also like to share your awesome 3D prints. Send us an email to hello@zmorph3d.com if you’d like to share photos or videos of what you’ve made with ZMorph!

New special offer

Recently we released a new set in our online store. ZMorph CNC Set includes the latest model of ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer mounted with a CNC PRO Milling toolhead.

The machine is also equipped with a strong and durable plywood table designed to provide comfort and security during CNC milling. Lockable plastic covers also ensure that no debris will damage the machinery, its operator, nor his workshop.

ZMorph CNC PRO Milling Toolhead
CNC PRO toolhead for ZMorph


It’s perfect for DIY makers and industry professionals! The set is available worldwide, 30% less expensive than other similar machines and comes with 12-months long warranty.

Latest firmware and software updates

For the best possible 3D printing experience with ZMorph machines, we always recommend updating the firmware and using the latest stable version of our free Voxelizer software.

From time to time we also release unstable versions including some of the upcoming features for testing – these versions are recommended only for very advanced users.



What’s new in the firmware?

  • Color-mixing support for DUAL PRO toolhead
  • New menu screens for different toolheads (CNC menu, Laser menu, Chocolate menu and more!)
  • CNC PRO milling toolhead’s power is now adjustable

You can download the latest firmware and config files from our Knowledge Base.

ZMorph Gradient 3D Print
Color mixing samples

What’s new in Voxelizer 1.4.10 version?

  • Improvements in multi-material printing – now Voxelizer can handle mixed color parts, as well as 3D printed gradients
  • Improved retraction – it’s faster, provides better quality and much less blobs
  • Improved support calculations with complex 3D geometry
  • New G-code diagnostics and color-mapping with various properties (speed, cooling fan power, amount of filament)
  • Experimental Color Segmentation filter allowing 3D printing from 3D scanned PLY files with color-matching based on bitmap data
  • Many bug fixes and optimization tweaks improving general stability of the software

The latest version of Voxelizer can be downloaded for free from our website.

ZMorph Printable Parts

Did you know that you can 3D print spare parts for your ZMorph on your own?

Simply visit the ZMorph Parts category on the Designfutures community site to download free STL files with dremels, Z-stops, corners, extruder parts, fan mouths and many types of filament holders.

ZMorph 3D Printable Parts
ZMorph parts available on Designfutures


You can also upload your own projects to Designfutures via the Voxelizer software.

New ZMorph Knowledge Base is live

Our newly launched Zendesk-based Knowledge Base is the biggest and most comprehensive source for tutorials, latest software upgrades and tips for the best ZMorph experience. We’ll continue to add new articles and guides to it too, so feel free to let us know what would you like to find there.

ZMorph Knowledge Base
ZMorph Knowledge Base


Star Wars 3D prints made with ZMorph

We have a lot of Star Wars fans in our office, so we were happy to hear from Preet Jesrani of DesignBox3D who made very detailed 3D prints on his ZMorph 2.0 S machine.

Here’s a Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars 3D Print Millenium Falcon
Source: Preet Jesrani

And here’s Kylo Ren’s bust. Awesome, right?

Star Wars 3D Print Kylo Ren
Source: Preet Jesrani

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates and new articles. Also, don’t hesitate to comment and email us at hello@zmorph3d.com!


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