Fresh software updates, full-size 3D printed chair, a guide for painting your 3D prints and more. Here’s ZMorph Digest #14!

Easy way to update your firmware

At least once a month make sure that your 3D printer’s firmware is up to date. This ensures the highest quality of prints and peak work efficiency. All you have to do is connect your ZMorph multitool 3D printer to a computer and let Voxelizer software do the rest.

ZMorph Digest #14
Easy way to update your firmware



Useful guide for painting 3D printed objects

Follow our list of 7 useful advice on how to paint 3D printed objects, watch tutorial videos, and make your prints look even better!

paint 3D printed objects
Source: The Golden Drops / Virtual Magic

3D printed chair by Beets3D

Our Chinese friends from Beets3D used ZMorph 2.0 SX and Bits & Parts free design to print and assemble this awesome full-size 3D printed chair. Read our article to learn more about the fabrication process.

3D printed chair
Source: Beets3D

Voxelizer software updates

Mac users can now update their Voxelizer software to 1.4.15 version. PC users have just received a brand new 1.4.16 version with a huge update to the 2D milling workflow and some bug fixes. Use auto update or visit Voxelizer download page for details.

3D printed beach tennis paddles
Voxelizer software

Rehabilitation orthosis by Victor Pons

Our user and friend Victor Pons, who once made awesome 3D printed dragon door knockers, recently manufactured a rehabilitation orthosis prototype which we released as a free download. He told us that it’s a very complex and difficult project to make but the results are very rewarding. Great job!

ZMorph Digest #14
Source: Victor Pons

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