Computational designs made with ZMorph, 3D printing inventions, wireless mouse showcase model, and more. Here’s ZMorph Digest #15!

Unique computational designs

Nono Martinez Alonso is a Spanish computational designer and architect with a strong penchant for simplicity. You can see it in his latest projects made on ZMorph multitool 3D printer too. For more of his works visit Nono’s Instagram.

ZMorph Digest #15
Source: Twitter



Amazing 3D printing inventions

We gathered some of the most amazing and unbelievable 3D printing inventions that already changed everyday life. Some of them seem like science fiction but they’re all real!

3D printing inventions
Source: Future Timeline

Wireless mouse showcase model

This latest ZMorph use case shows how the multitool 3D printer can be used to boost product development and to materialize bold ideas before presenting them during business meetings. 3D printing could be the key to your future success.

3D printed wireless mouse
3D printed wireless mouse showcase model

US reseller reflects on ZMorph

Preet Jesrani and his DesignBox3D has been our friends for years now. Based on his extensive experience in selling ZMorph and other machines to US clients, Preet wrote down his thoughts about the usefulness of multitool 3D printers in various professions.

ZMorph at the Maker Faire in New York

Kolobrzeg 3D summer update

Students from 3D modeling club at Henryk Sienkiewicz’s high school in Kolobrzeg are hard at work despite the summer holidays. They continue to design new models and print them on ZMorph to build a diorama of their town’s historic landmarks.


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