Make sure your 3D printer’s firmware is up to date and check out the latest stories on our blog. Here’s ZMorph Digest #17!

Firmware update

Download the latest version of firmware for ZMorph 2.0 SX named GG. It fixes Touch Probe and calibration issues, improves bed leveling, Z axis positioning, and more. The latest version of firmware always guarantees the best possible quality of your works.

ZMorph Digest #14
Firmware update – ZMorph Digest #17

Medical 3D printing

We gathered some of the most mind-blowing medical 3D printing applications that are already changing lives for better. It’s full of very inspiring stories!

medical 3D printing
Source: Pixabay

Antique 3D printed gun

We 3D printed a replica of an 18th-century gun using Bronzefill and Woodfill filaments. Results are just stunning, especially the level of detail on metal-like parts, so go ahead and have a look for yourself.

antique 3D printed gun
Source: Get Models Now

3D printing in education

From teaching the process of trial and error to shaping up the next generations, we take a closer look at various applications of 3D printing in education. Every parent and teacher should read this article.

3D printing improves education
Source: Project Lead the Way

Customized Arduino cases

In this use case, we combined 3D printing and CNC milling to create unique Arduino cases that can be used for various electronics projects – from gaming to home interiors. Check the results on our blog.

customized Arduino cases


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  1. Helena Dodziuk Reply

    In the medical blog, I missed / W blogu na tematy medyczne zabraklo mi
    1. A statement on the largest (40%) number of patents in 3DP concerning medical applications. / Stwierdzenia, ze najwiecej (40%) jest patentow dotyczacych zastosowan medycznych.
    2. Presentation of the most promising, although (except one example) still not applied, medical application of 3DP: cell printing (bioprinting) / Omowienia najbardziej obiecujacego, chociaz jeszcze (poza jednym przykladem) nie stosowanego, zastosowania medycznego: drukowania komorkami (bioprinting).
    3. Mentioning of totally overtaken by 3DP market of hearing aids. / Wspomnienia calkowicie opanowanego przez druk 3D rynku protez sluchowych.
    4. Mentioning of dentistry which is close to be overtaken by 3DP. / Wspomnienia stomatologii, ktora wkrotce tez bedzie calkowicie przejeta.
    5. Mentioning such programs as Enable or Not Impossible, collecting funding and 3D printing prostheses for for the victims of land mines in Asia and Africa or poor. / Wspomnienia programow takich jak Enable czy Not Impossible, ktore zbieraja fundusze i drukuja protezy dla ofiar min piechotnych lub dla biednych w Azji i Afryce, ktore sa b. tanie.
    I have recently wrote a review article on the medical applications of 3DP to be published soon in English in “Kardiochirurgia and Torakochirurgia”. / Napisalam ostatnio prace przegladowa na temat zastosowan medycznych druku 3D, ktora wkrotce ukaze sie w “Kardiochirurgii i Torakochirurgii”.
    Regards, / Pozdrawiam,
    Prof. Helena Dodziuk

    • Thank you for your comment.
      The wide range of medical 3D printing applications is just stunning and couldn’t be described properly in just one article. In this one, we have focused on some of the most amazing applications already in use, but in the future, we’d also like to get back to other medical topics and describe in more detail applications that you too mentioned. The use of 3D printing in dentistry is a great topic for us, for example, especially that ZMorph machines are a very good fit for it.

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