New features in Voxelizer software and all the latest stories from our 3D printing blog. Here’s ZMorph Digest #18!

Voxelizer update for PC and Mac users

Download the latest version of Voxelizer software (1.4.18) for Windows and macOS to access brand new features, multiple bug fixes, and great stability improvements. Use the auto-update or visit the download page.

ambient occlusion
Voxelizer software

New Image Mapping time-lapse

New Image Mapping feature in Voxelizer software enables you to place images on 3D objects and print them in multiple colors using DUAL PRO toolhead. Check out the time-lapse of Mona Lisa portrait print and learn more from our article.

Introducing Ambient Occlusion

One of the latest features added to Voxelizer software is Ambient Occlusion. This technology was adapted from computer graphics to improve the quality of all 3D prints. Read our article to learn more about this new user-friendly solution.

ambient occlusion
Ambient Occlusion test print

3D printed tabletop games you should check

Read our article about 3D printed tabletop games, dioramas, and dice to learn about printing figures and sceneries for tabletop games as well as dozens of interesting games just waiting for you to make them and play.

3D printed tabletop games
Source: Oinkfrog

Free 3D printing software to choose from

We took a closer look at the most useful free 3D printing software available. Check out our list and recommendations.

3D printing software
Source: Blender

Successful Image Mapping prints from ZMorph users

We received several messages that our users are already successfully using the new Image Mapping feature in Voxelizer. ZMorph user Gueni, for example, sent us this flowerpot with a photo of his sister printed on the surface. Great job!

Source Gueni – ZMorph Digest #18

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  1. Jan Thoren Reply

    Hi Guys-

    We met last year at the Santa Clara Convention Center- or perhaps San Jose–
    I see all of these things and think how much better they would be in our nanoceramic materials-
    I would like to try it in your machines– Do you have any in the bay area that someone might be interested in
    trying our materials? It would look a lot classier. Also we could show your product and you could share our product adn do
    some business!!!!!!! MONEY for a WIN WIN

    Thanks and keep up the good work! Love and peace- Jan Thoren

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