In ZMorph Digest #2 we’d like to present some neat 3D prints from the community along with the latest updates about our offer and Voxelizer software.

Send us a message to if you’d like to share photos or videos of what you’ve made with a ZMorph multitool 3D printer!

Body lamp, fox and huntress figurine by Gueni

He’s one of our most active community members on the forum and Designfutures website. 3D prints made by Gueni are very diverse in their form and materials used for manufacturing.

ZMorph 3D Prints by Gueni
Source: Gueni

For his body lamps (which he also designed) he uses PLA in bright colors so they can transmit light from a LED lamp well. Most of his foxes are 3D printed with various wood filaments while the huntress was a very successful experiment with bronze.

You can download all of the above STL files from Gueni’s profile page on Designfutures.

Latest and upcoming updates for Voxelizer software

Our team of software developers is currently working on improving the precision and reliability of the 3D scanning mode in Voxelizer. Their goal is to optimize the scanning experience on slower machines which also resulted in lower quality of scans.

They’re also working on the precision which was constrained by the resolution of scanner’s camera. New algorithmic improvements should allow achieving a sub-pixel accuracy with a significantly less “noise” and distortions on the mesh. Apart from that, other areas of the 3D scanning pipeline are being revised, such as the laser and camera calibration, as well as markers detection.

In the meantime, version 1.4.11 of Voxelizer software can be downloaded via the auto update option. Fixes in this version include:

  • Improved performance and stability in Mac (OS X) version
  • Fix for crash occurring when generating G-code in chocolate/ceramics workflow
  • Fix for G-codes not generating properly when objects touched left side of the workspace (x=0)
  • Fix for G-code generation error when “fan off” option is selected
  • Notification is displayed instead of crashing when out of memory during voxelization (x86)
  • Better workflow switching on drag-and-drop
  • Units added in G-code diagnostics

Filament guide by DanBurkhalter

Good flow of the filament is essential for creating great 3D prints. Dan designed his own filament guide fitted for ZMorph 2.0 S multitool 3D printer. It matches the side of the machine perfectly.

ZMorph Digest - Filment Guide
Source: DanBurkhalter

Thanks to double rollers under the filament spools and additional rollers mounted on top of ZMorph’s casing, the filament is drawn at a steady pace and doesn’t clog or break in the process.

Dan’s filament holder is free for non-commercial self-printing.

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