With new making-of video, interesting 3D printing articles, and community prints. Here’s ZMorph Digest #21!

Careers in 3D printing for you to consider

We gathered various 3D printing jobs for both school graduates and people with extensive experience. The industry is booming and there are many well-paid offers for engineers, technicians, but also lawyers, marketers and sales experts. Check out our article to learn more about various opportunities.

3D printing jobs
Plenty of 3D printing jobs are available online.

The making of Ferris Wheel Bookshelf

Watch our latest video showing how the amazing multi-material Ferris Wheel Bookshelf was made using ZMorph 2.0 SX. For more details about this project check our blog article.

Tips for fixing your model before 3D printing

Designfutures forum user AL3DConcept asked for our help with preparing a file for printing in Voxelizer. It turned out that his 3D model had some open spaces and required fixing before turning into G-code. Visit our forum to learn how to check and repair your files.

Digest #21
3D Builder in Windows 10 can be used to fix 3D models

Multi-color Pokemon printed with DUAL PRO

Editors of All3DP.com used DUAL PRO toolhead and color mixing options in Voxelizer to 3D print this Squirtle Pokemon on ZMorph 2.0 SX. Nicely done!

Digest #21
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