With video tutorials, new use case, and more. Here’s ZMorph Digest #26!

New multi-material tutorials

We released a series of video tutorials dedicated to multi-material 3D printing using DUAL PRO toolhead. Watch them out to learn how to generate PVA support, mix colors, use image mapping, and more.

3D printed walker prototype

Designer and biomedical engineer, Eliza Wrobel, decided to improve the widely popular walker design and make it more functional, in order to help those, who want to stay active despite their disability. Read how she used 3D printing to materialize her idea.

multifunctional walker
Disabled people could use this multifunctional walker to perform everyday activities

Experienced user talks about his experience with ZMorph

Kris Gorden is an Operations Manager and Lead Engineer in Journey Electronics Corp. and one of the most active members of Designfutures community. He also wrote an article about his experience with ZMorph multitool 3D printer.

user reflects
Left – Beard care tray holding beard oil and tamer, comb and boar’s hair brush, and three all-natural lip balms.
Bottom – Beam Splitter block for splitting a beam of light.
Middle – One of two pulleys for testing on a water control system before it ships in April of 2017.
Top – An alarm mount for our main cabinet.
Right – An AR15 Buffer stand used for assembling three different sized buffers.

Image Mapping now possible with all 3D objects

We updated our Knowledge Base with a new tutorial for Image Mapping. Follow it to place colorful bitmaps and images on any 3D object that you want!

CES 2017
Image Mapping with ZMorph 2.0 SX

Unique art by Alice Woods

British artist Alice Woods experiments with various mediums and forms to explore how contemporary art can impact the broader socio-economic landscape. She also experiments with ZMorph 2.0 SX with a few fine examples depicted below.

ZMorph Digest #26
Multi-material works by Alice Woods – ZMorph Digest #26

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