With DIY pen toolhead, new use case, art made with ZMorph 2.0 SX, and more. Here’s ZMorph Digest #29!

Teach your ZMorph how to draw

ZMorph user Paolo Fiaschi designed and manufactured his own pen toolhead and shared the source files with our community. You can now 3D print his design yourself, mount it with a pen, and make your ZMorph machine into a professional drawing machine. The result are really stunning!

pen toolhead
Drawings made with DIY pen toolhead – ZMorph Digest #29

Visit Designfutures to download source files for ZMorph 2.0 S and 2.0 SX models. There are also files for ZMorph 2.0 and older models.

3D printed miniature interiors

Polish company Get Models Now created a series of miniature interiors for the Museum of Applied Arts in Poznan. 3D printed miniature wardrobes, desks, couches, chairs, tables, and smaller decorations are hand-painted and set in a miniatures stages to show how the applied arts evolved over the ages. Check out the video below and read our detailed use case for more details.

2nd edition of Most 3D Wanted is coming

Last year the Gdansk University of Technology held the first ever contest in which engineering students had to design and manufacture a 3D printed bridge prototype that could be built in real life. Their designs were printed on ZMorph multitool 3D printer and went through professional stress tests. The second edition of the competition is coming – more details in the video below.

Laser-cut art by Alice Woods

Have a look at the latest art project by British artists Alice Woods. This time she used her ZMorph 2.0 SX and the laser toolhead to cut various papers for a series of unique and colorful collages. Follow her on Twitter to see more of her works.

Bomb Bombe #44 and Bomb Bombe #2 – paper collages by Alice Woods – ZMorph Digest #29

Want to share your works with the ZMorph community? Send us a message to hello@zmorph3d.com and we’d be happy to feature your projects in our ZMorph Digest bi-weekly newsletter.


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