With 3D printed grips, CNC add-ons, new ZMorph resellers, and community prints. Here’s ZMorph Digest #34!

3D printing helps in designing new fonts

Maciej Kodzis and Grzegorz Owczarek from Pillcrow studio used 3D printing to prepare for their typography workshop during the Element Talks design conference. They 3D printed grips for dozens of stamps that were later used to create almost a hundred new fonts in just one hour! You can read more about this simple yet very efficient application in our blog article.

3D printed grips
Typography workshops – ZMorph Digest #34

New ZMorph resellers in Europe and South America

We are happy to introduce four new companies that recently became ZMorph authorized resellers. British company CDG Replik8 and Danish 3D Print Scandinavia are among the most experienced providers of 3D printing services in their countries, while 3K Engineering is leading the way in improving the standards of production and education in the Czech Republic. Universo 3D will introduce ZMorph 2.0 SX multitool 3D printer to the Colombian market, one of the fastest growing markets in South America.

New Zmorph resellers – ZMorph Digest #34

CNC add-ons you can 3D print yourself

We’re always happy to share add-ons and upgrades made by our users. If you’re using CNC PRO toolhead, then you should definitely check this Y-axis motor protection add-on that encloses the motor to keep it clean and safe.

ZMorph Digest #24
Y-axis motor protection add-on perfect for CNC works – Zmorph Digest #34

You should also print a few of these material clips which are perfect for attaching various materials to the worktable.

ZMorph Digest #34
Material clip designed by ZMorph user Gueni – ZMorph Digest #34

Low poly flowerpot everyone should print

ZMorph user TimTim 3D printed this excellent low poly flowerpot using 1.75 mm Plastic Extruder. Two pieces were glued together to make the object higher and suitable for larger plants. Good job!

ZMorph Digest #34
Low poly flowerpot 3D printed by ZMorph user TinTin – ZMorph Digest #34

Want to share your works with the ZMorph community? Send us a message to hello@zmorph3d.com and we’d be happy to feature your projects in our ZMorph Digest bi-weekly newsletter.


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