A review, a tutorial, delicious cakes and ZMorph VX spotted in the wild. Here’s the ZMorph Digest #39.

3D Printing Industry Review

We know that many of you were waiting for this and 3D Printing Industry delivers. An independent magazine took the ZMorph VX for tests and reviewed the multitool capabilities of the machine. If you’re curious what they are thinking about it, check the review.

ZMorph VX review by 3D Printing Industry

Workpiece Holding Solutions

Second guide on CNC milling with ZMorph VX from our talented engineer Roman Broda is about mounting materials on CNC worktable. We provide plastic clamps for material mounting, but there are several other options. Read the whole article to obtain more useful ideas.

Workpiece holding solutions
Printable vise mounted on ZMorph VX

How Libraries Can Use a Multitool 3D Printer?

A small public library in Salmon, Idaho owns ZMorph VX and does whole lot of fun stuff with the machine. Be sure to visit their social media to be up to date with what they do, and meanwhile we encourage you to read more about Salmon Public Library.

ZMorph VX at Salmon Public Library

What ZMorph VX does in Leroy Merlin?

Leroy Merlin wants to be more futuristic and decided to open a special place for entrepreneurs, makers, students and other creative people. The place is equipped with hi-tech machines like 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers and plotters. You can read the piece on Bricolab on our blog. To read an interview with people responsible for Bricolab, head to the 3D Printing Industry article where you’ll also find a quote from our marketing manager.

ZMorph VX at Bricolab

Silicone Molds for Cakes

Although food printing may not be the most practical way of preparing your meals, silicone molds for baking and freezing can help a lot. To show off the possibilities of ZMorph VX we collaborated with pastry chef Aga Półtorak and the results were delicious.

Silicone Molds for Baking and Freezing

3D Printed Pancakes

And if you still want to 3D print with food, you should definitely watch one of the latest videos of Youtuber RCLifeOn. He started discovering ZMorph VX with testing the Thick Paste Extruder. The results are extraordinary.

TwoFace Printed with Dual Extruder

Those of you who are familiar with our offer probably know about the Dual Extruder. Check out the cool statue another Youtuber did mixing two filaments

And here’s his test print with Single Extruder:


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