We have some great news about ZMorph and a really stunning laser engraving to share with you in our ZMorph Digest #4!

Like always, feel free to send us photos of your works to hello@zmorph3d.com.

Swiss cheese CNC lamp

We just released our latest case study. This time, ZMorph multitool 3D printer mounted with a CNC PRO milling toolhead was used to manufacture a stylish wooden lamp with round shapes inspired by… holes in the Swiss cheese.

CNC-cut wooden lamp

The lamp shows its true beauty after sunset when the Swiss cheese inspired universe floats around the dark room. Read about the making of the lamp, download free source files and watch our tutorial video below.

Choosing the right prototyping technique

Przemek Jaworski, CEO of ZMorph, spoke with Manufacturing.net about various prototyping techniques available on the market and ways of choosing the right one for certain projects. Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

By combining 3D printing with subtractive techniques like CNC machining or laser cutting, there are even more possibilities. A part that is milled, for example, from aluminum can be combined with a printed part.

“You get a really, really strong part with some intricacies of geometry from the part that is 3D printed. So you can combine intricacy with strength,” Jaworski says.

Read the entire article on Manufacturing.net.



DesignBox 3D spring promo extended!

We’re happy to inform that our friends from DesignBox3D decided to extend their spring promo with 15% discount for all ZMorph machines available in their online store.

Source: DesignBox3D

Furthermore, they now add 8 spools of high-quality PLA filaments from Polymaker!

This great deal is available to all US citizens.

Laser engraved ram

Have a look at this impressive sketch of a ram made by franbetta, a member of our Brazilian reseller 3D Criar team.

Laser Engraved Ram
Source: 3D Criar

Using ZMorph 2.0 S mounted with a laser toolhead he managed to laser-engrave this image on a piece of cardboard. Really impressive!


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