Use cases for CNC PRO and Laser PRO toolheads, PCBs explained, ZMorph helps in medicine, and a big 3D printed model. Here’s the ZMorph Digest #40.

Custom Engraved Leather Goods

With the Laser PRO toolhead you can create beautifully designed leather accessories in almost no time. It took us around 5 minutes to laser cut and engrave a custom leather pencil case (all in a single run). Custom engraved leather goods are unique and ready-to-market. Can this idea be your next profitable business?

Custom engraved leather goods
Engraved leather goods. All designs by Penciltivity.

CNC Engraved Aluminum Parts

Outsourcing can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why it might be beneficial to have a multitool 3D printer at your place of business. Here’s how we were able to cut costs from $1.50 to $0.10 by using different workflows on ZMorph VX.

Firstly, we used Single Plastic Extruder to 3D print a fixture for storing aluminum parts. Then we mounted the fixture with the aluminum parts on CNC worktable and switched the toolhead to CNC PRO. In just a few minutes all 9 parts were thoroughly engraved without the need to use third parties. Find out more about CNC engraving aluminum elements.

CNC Engraved Aluminum Parts
Clean and engraved aluminum parts.

3D Printed Ear Prosthesis

If you follow our blog, then you’ve probably heard about Bricolab by Leroy Merlin. Recently, ZMorph VX 3D printers at the Lab were used to help a patient with a missing ear that he lost because of skin cancer. The ear prosthesis was made using 3D printed molds and the case made it to a local TV. You can watch the report below:

What is a PCB?

We talk a lot about the fact that you can make functioning PCBs on ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer. But not everyone has to be aware of what are they and how important this fact is for modern electronics and prototyping. We asked one of our engineers from R&D department to explain in details what are the printed circuit boards. Read the article here.

What is a PCB?
Custom PCB made on ZMorph VX.

BIG Model 3D Printed on ZMorph VX

One of well-known 3D designers Fotis Mint uses ZMorph VX to create stunning models and figurines. This time he used the machine to 3D print 28 cm high model of Wraith from Apex Legends. See the result below:

New Business Development Manager

Please welcome our new Business Development Manager – Anna Bogusz.

Anna Bogusz

Anna has been involved in building international business relations since the beginning of her professional career. Before ZMorph, she coordinated sales development in manufacturing companies related to wood and metal processing. Starting her first job at 3D printing industry was a dynamic turning point.

“The world of 3D printing is a dynamic environment full of inspiring people. It is fascinating how many applications there are for 3D printing and how the market is constantly developing, working in this industry is a great pleasure and gives unlimited possibilities.”

Anna Bogusz on 3D printing industry

In her free time Anna most often does sports – olympic weightlifting, crossfit and Ultimate Frisbee

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