Well-known YouTuber reviews ZMorph VX, 6 language versions for the VX firmware, new partner in Europe, and 3D Printing Industry Awards. Here’s the ZMorph Digest #41.

As we’re slowly closing the first quarter of the year, here are some exciting news we wanted to share with our readers.

ZMorph VX Review by 3D Maker Noob

We’re proud to present the first YouTube review of ZMorph VX. 3D Maker Noob is a well known and respected 3D printing enthusiast that gain fame thanks to interesting and informative videos on his YouTube channel. His technical and engineering background makes him a trusted reviewer and specialist. 3D Maker Noob welcomed our machine in his workshop in Malta and put it into a thorough testing process. His final verdict says ZMorph VX is a “prototyping Holy Grail”, and we couldn’t agree more. Watch the full video on YouTube:

ZMorph VX Nominated for the ‘Desktop 3D Printer of the Year’ Award

We want to say thank you to all the people who nominated ZMorph VX in the category ‘Desktop 3D Printer of the Year’ during 3D Printing Industry Awards. Voting is still possible and we would really appreciate your voice. To vote for ZMorph VX, head to 3D Printing Industry Awards website.

Introducing ZMorph VX firmware in 6 Different Languages

Our latest batch of news includes an announcement for non-English speaking users. The latest version of ZMorph VX firmware is now available also in French, German, Kazakh, Polish and Spanish. Be sure that you always keep your machine up to date for the safety and user experience reasons.

ZMorph VX Spanish firmware
ZMorph VX with a Spanish firmware installed

You can always find the newest firmware in all language versions at the Knowledge Base.

ZMorph Expands on French Market

In March 2019 we established a new partnership with HAVA3D – a French company working in the 3D printing industry since 2013. ZMorph Multitool 3D Printers will be sold in France via Makershop, a part of HAVA3D Group.


“The high quality and powerful multitool system offered by ZMorph perfectly meets this need to have, at a fair cost, all the necessary tools to produce complex and functional products.”

Alexandre Heran, COO of HAVA3D

ZMorph Filaments in Stock

Here at ZMorph, we want to give you the best experience during 3D printing. The Voxelizer software is carefully developed to meet high standards and work perfectly with ZMorph 3D printers. To let you fully experience the high-quality 3D printing with ZMorph VX, we offer now ZMorph Filaments – thoroughly tested materials with the best specification for our machine. Head to our online store to find PLA, ABS, PET-G, Nylon, PVA, and Flex in various colors.

ZMorph Filaments

Hannover Messe Summary

Our delegates Anna and Filip were present during HANNOVER MESSE 2019. You could have met them at the venue to talk about 3D printing and ZMorph machines. We were really happy to chat with all the 3D printing enthusiasts from around the world and can’t wait for the next opportunity to meet with ZMorph fans.

Filip Przybylski and Anna Bogusz at HANNOVER MESSE 2019

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