Why multitool 3D printers are the future of education, new reseller in Scandinavia, three new articles about materials for ZMorph VX, and an awesome print from one of our users. Here’s the ZMorph Digest #43.

Why You Should Consider a Multitool 3D Printer for Your School

Why you should consider a multitool 3D printer for your school

Here at ZMorph, we like to stress that the ZMorph VX is a perfect tool for education because of several reasons. Combining three methods of fabrication allows you to have just one machine instead of three, and thus save money and space. Find more pros on our blog.

New Reseller in Scandinavia

Recently we’ve welcomed E3printable.no to our family of ZMorph resellers. This should be exciting news for our Norwegian followers who were thinking about purchasing the multitool machines. More on E3printable.no in the article.

Materials for ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printers

After publishing the ZMorph Materials Library, we wanted to supplement it with even more comprehensive guides to all materials compatible with the multitool 3D printers. Recently, we’ve prepared knowledge pills about:

Aluminum for CNC Milling

Aluminum material overview

Although we don’t recommend milling in metals for beginners, the more experienced users can mingle with soft metals like aluminum to create prototypes and end parts using ZMorph VX. More in our short piece.

Carbon for CNC Milling

Carbon laminate can be used in industrial automation, drones, robotics, and more. If you’re interested in CNC machining carbon laminate using ZMorph VX, check our guide.

ABS for 3D Printing

3D printing ABS

ABS is one of the most popular materials for 3D printing, and you can work with it using ZMorph VX because of the heated bed and ability to close the chamber. If you want to 3D print with ABS, be sure to read the latest article.

Voodoo Bree Printed on ZMorph VX

Do you like glitter filament? If you do, then you’ll definitely love the latest work of 3D Maker Noob. He used ZMorph VX to print Voodoo Bree modeled by Arte Creator and the result is stunning.

Don’t forget that 3D Maker Noob has a YouTube channel where he gives more insights into making this model.

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