A new use case for ZMorph 3D printers, experimental functions in Voxelizer, and two new material guides. Here comes the ZMorph Digest #44.

3D Printed Reactors for Nanostructures

3D printed reactor for nanoparticles

Let’s start with an interesting case study straight from the Warsaw University of Technology where a group of scientists decided to implement 3D printing in their research on nanostructures. They needed precise instruments for their study so instead of ordering custom ones they used ZMorph 3D printer and ABS filament. More on that in the article.

Voxelizer Experimental Version

Two weeks ago we introduced a new, revamped version of Voxelizer. If you’d like to test some new and experimental features, head to the Voxelizer webpage and find the download page. You can read about the Voxelizer Experimental in our latest article.

Materials for ZMorph VX

We’re supplementing recently published ZMorph Materials Library with some extra articles on the materials. Last week we’ve introduced you to 3D printing with PVA, and before that to laser cutting EVA foam.


pva 3d printing

The soluble PVA is a perfect choice for support material and dissolvable molds for cold-casting metals. If you have a spool of PVA filament and want to do something with it, don’t hesitate to check our guide.


EVA foam

EVA foam is mainly used as a filling in packages and casings. You can precisely laser cut it using Laser PRO toolhead on ZMorph VX. Here’s our introduction to this material.

3D Printed Cthulhu Figurine

Last but not least, a fun decorative model 3D printed on ZMorph VX you can see on our Instagram.

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