PLA vs ABS comparison, leather imprinting with a 3D printer, and nylon CNC milling. This and more in the ZMorph Digest #47.

PLA vs ABS: Which is Better?


We’re sure that at least one you faced a dilemma which filament to choose – ABS or PLA? There are some significant differences and we’re discussing them in one of the latest articles on our blog. Check out what’s the difference between PLA and ABS.

Cyperian Workshop and His Cosplays

Cyperian Workshop

Cyperian is a long-term ZMorph user and he has a rather creative approach to 3D printing. Apart from various cosplay props he’s making on the machine, he also uses it to create plastic molds that are later used for leather imprinting. This way he’s able to make unique costumes that gain national recognition. Read more about Cyperian Workshop.

3D Printed Architectural Model

3D Printed Model of Centennial Hall

This model is 1×1 m in size and presents a scaled version of Centennial Hall, a famous Polish landmark located in Wrocław. It was printed with PLA and can be used as an educational tool or a showcase model. See more pictures on our blog.

Nylon for CNC Machining

nylon cnc materials overview

Continuing our series of engineering materials overviews, we are presenting nylon (polyamide). Nylon is mainly used to make jigs & fixtures, cogwheels, dampening elements, and wear blocks. It exhibits abrasion resistance, high impact strength, and good mechanical properties. To learn how to CNC machine nylon with ZMorph VX, check the latest article.

All3DP Best All-In-One 3D Printer (Fall Update)

ZMorph VX is still the best all-in-one 3D printer in 2019 according to All3DP, a well-known source for 3D printing news.

“ZMorph’s VX feels premium and performs without skipping a beat”


It’s not the first time our machine appears in this ranking. All3DP is mentioning ZMorph VX Multitool 3D Printer in their “Best of” lists almost since its original release in 2017. Check the full list here.

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